Loud Speakers Advance KC800
Loud Speakers Advance KC800
Loud Speakers Advance KC800
Loud Speakers Advance KC800

Loud Speakers Advance KC800

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KC800: the flagship speaker of the new KC line

Advance Paris is a story of passion, passion of this job of creator of emotions, shared with a team working so hard in the quest for perfection. Created by two music enthusiasts more than 20 years ago, Advance Paris - at that time Advance Acoustic - designed its first speakers based on three fundamental points: the cabinet, the speakers and the crossover. At this day, this initial orientation remains more than ever relevant.




The cabinet

Our high-end philosophy naturally guided us to the cabinet makers known for their seriousness and professionalism.

Making cabinet is a much more difficult task than it seems.

The structure of the housing must be homogeneous and completely rigid in order to eliminate the parasitical vibrations disrupting the music.

That’s why, Advance Paris requires all its cabinet makers subcontractors to use high quality materials, so the high density structural panels are no longer in chipboard, but in wood fibers associated with a synthetic binder.

The advantages of these composite panels are their homogeneity in the three dimensions : the possibility of working them in large thicknesses, up to 30mm, their non-deformability (shape-retention) and lastly their acoustic performance superior to conventional OSB or PP panels. Thus, to increase rigidity and machining precision, all the cabinets of Advance Paris’ speakers are made of this composite material.

In order to improve this rigidity and homogeneity, internal reinforcement as well as partitions prevent any formation of parasitical vibrations.

The enclosure volume is carefully calculated as well as the dimensions of the port for each driver used. Finally, each enclosure is subject to an individual sealling control at the assemblies, both at the belt and the front and rear of the cabinet.


Internal dampling

The displacement of the membrane of the bass and midrange speakers spreads in front of and behind the speaker itself, in phase opposition . The use of a cabinet is intended to eliminate this acoustic short circuit. For this purpose, we are using damping materials specifically developed to effectively treat these stationary waves. Their usage patterns are precise, so for each model, our designers determine the positioning, density and volume of the acoustic foam used.


The speakers

The design of our speakers meets a very precise set of specifications, so our boomers and mediums are treated with paper membranes with serrated frame, both lighter and rigid for greater sound neutrality. The use of a "reversed half-roll" profile suspension makes it possible to optimize the linearity of the frequency response of the loudspeaker.


Indeed with this type of structure, the profile of the membrane is not disturbed by the final presence of the external suspension. The improvement results in the absence of any phenomenon of accentuation of the energy at the level of the natural high cut of the loudspeaker. Thus, this configuration makes it possible to implement a filter with a low slope and a minimal phase shift. The moving coils made of pure copper are mounted on a kapton support. For greater gentleness and lack of aggressiveness, tweeters have either plastic membranes or impregnated fabrics. The moving coils are cooled in ferrofluid.


The crossover

If an extreme care has to be taken for the cabinet and the speakers manufacturing, the crossover will determine the final result. Advance Paris has developed a precise and rigorous filtering technique respecting the electrical and acoustic phase. The choice of the best components, air coils, polypropylene capacitors, precision ceramic resistors, non-radiating positioning of the components between them, judicious cutoff frequencies ensure a perfect sound transcription.


KC800: the flagship speaker of the new KC line

The KC800 is the flagship of the new KUBIK KC series. This is an 119cm high floorstanding speaker equipped with five speakers, three 17cm boomers combined with a 17cm medium and a 25mm dome tweeter. With a performance of 92dB for 1watt / 1m, this speaker is easy to "drive" and may be associated with an amplifier with a power from 20 to 180W.



  • 3 ways / 5 speakers
  • Woofer: 17cm x 3 / Reverse damper / Linear
  • Medium: 17cm x1 / Reverse damper / Linear
  • Tweeter: 2,5cm
  • Frequency of response: 30Hz-22kHz
  • Crossover: 350Hz et 3500Hz
  • Efficiency: 92dB
  • For amplifier: 20 – 180W
  • Dimensions: 119 x 35,5 x 25,5 cm with base
  • Weight: 24kgs


Option : On customer's site installation and set-up within European Union

After delivery of the package, one of our team members will take an appointment at the address of delivery to install your equipment, and make sure it is properly set-up.

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