Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000
Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000
Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000
Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000
Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000
Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000
Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000
Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000

Loud Speakers Advance XL-1000

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Advance Paris, designing and developping Advance Acoustic products, decided to launch its High-End range of products, under Advance Paris brand, as the company name.


X-L1000 loudspeakers are designed and built in France by Advance Paris’ technicians. Its design, only based on acoustics rules, allows to obtain pure, modern and elegant curves




X-L1000 loudspeakers provide a perfect  reproduction of instruments and voices. Their harmonic richness and the follow-up to the rhythm, give perfectly the feeling of presence  and realism. These parameters, are only some of the exceptional qualities of the X-L1000 loudspeakers.


The MDF cabinet is built in 3 independant boxes, which walls  can reach 4 cm thick.

The boxes are linked by separations of decoupling, ensuring a complete control of vibrations. The location of the drivers was calculated in order to achieve the best phasing.


We designed the X-L1000’s drivers, in collaboration with an european manufacturer specialised in audio professional. These drivers combine excellent performance rarely achieved.

Woofer and mid-range are built with  a cellulose pulp membrane. Rigid and lighter, these are associated  with very powerful magnetic circuits. For example,  the woofer  30cm in diameter has a voice coil of 10 cm in diameter. Its magnet, 22 cm in diameter, provides a magnetic field of 1.17 Tesla !


The sound transparency and the absence of directivity make the mid-range driver, one of the best transducer at this time to reproduce  music with realism and precision.


The ribbon tweeter reproduces high frequencies with low distorsion. Moreover its frequency response makes it ideal for the mid-range  driver, coupling sweetness and dynamic without aggressiveness.


The crossover elaborated with great care, divides into an ideal way the different frequencies, found in the musical message, towards all the drivers. Due to its perfect control of phases, the different drivers reproduce the music with consistency and coherence.


Moreover, with a sensitivity of 98 dB, and an impedance of 8 Ω, the X-L1000 loudspeaker can drive amplifiers from 10 to 800 W.


Designing the X-L1000 loudspeaker, our aim was to achieve exceptional loudspeakers, without compromise, and working on several parameters often neglected or contradictory.


Real « Quest for Grail », maybe Advance Paris, find it with the X-L1000 loudspeaker !



  • Frequency Response: 29 Hz – 23 kHz
  • Crossover: 250 Hz – 2,5 kHz
  • Number of drivers and ways: 3 / 3
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Impédance: 8Ω
  • Amplifier Impedance: 4 - 8Ω
  • Recommended Amplifier Requirements: 10 - 800 W
  • MDF cabinet in 3 parts
  • Cabinet Finishes : Black, White or Red gloss (other finishes possible, please contact us)
  • Side Finishes : Black, White, Red gloss,varnished wood red or oak wood finishes (other finishes possible, please contact us)
  • Woofer : Charge Bass Reflex
    • Diameter: 31 cm (a cellulose pulp membrane)
    • Magnetic field : 1,17 Tesla
    • Diameter of the voice coil : 10 cm
    • Diameter of the magnet : 22 cm
  • Midrange : Charge Close
    • Diameter : 20 cm (a cellulose pulp membrane)
  • Ribbon Tweeter  (12,5 x 3,5 cm) 
    • Néodymium magnets
    • Level adjustment of the tweeter : 3 positions
  • Bi-wireable speakers - banana plugs
  • Net weight by piece : 81,3 kg


Option on demand : On customer's site installation and set-up.
Please send an email to : contact@audiosoundmusic for a quote request.


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