Aretha Franklin - Yeah!! - AudioSoundMusic
Aretha Franklin - Yeah!! - AudioSoundMusic
Aretha Franklin - Yeah!! - AudioSoundMusic
Aretha Franklin - Yeah!! - AudioSoundMusic

Aretha Franklin - Yeah!!

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Aretha Franklin, vocals & piano (B1 & B4) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Aretha Franklin]

Teddy Harris (piano)

Kenny Burrell (guitar) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Kenny Burrell]

James “Beans” Richardson (bass), Hindel Butts (drums)


1 LP, standard sleeve

Limited edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : unspecified

Label : Pure Pleasure

Original Label : Columbia

Recorded in New York on February 10, 1965

Produced by Clyde Otis

Remastered by Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London

Originally released in 1965

Reissued in 2016


Side A :

1. This Could Be The Start Of Something
2. Once In A Lifetime
3. Misty
4. More (from "Mondo Cane")
5. There Is No Greater Love
6. Muddy Water

Side B :

1. If I Had A Hammer (Aretha Franklin, piano)
2. Impossible
3. Today I Love Ev'rybody
4. Without The One You Love (Aretha Franklin, piano)
5. Trouble In Mind
6. Love For Sale


"One of the great myths in music is that Aretha didn’t blossom until she signed with Atlantic. It may be true commercially, but her ten LPs or so with Columbia are…well. this is Aretha for goodness’ sake.

This set- recorded live at New York’s Columbia Studios, as opposed to at a gig in a club – shows her taking control of at least three genres, from blues to jazz to standards, with the emphasis on the jazz, and simply soars past Dinah, Sarah and Billie on material like `Misty’. Don’t let the pro-Atlantic mythology over shadow this superb-sounding gem from 1965, which also features Kenny Burrell on guitar is a bonus." Ken Kessler HI-FI NEWS May 2017

Ratings :

AllMusic : 2 / 5 , Discogs : 4.55 / 5

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