Personnal data policy

1 - Which personal data are collected by ?

1.1 - User account creation

When creating a user account, the following data are required :

          • Name & Surname,
          • valid email address,
          • date of birth,
          • optionally a phone number.

1.2 - Submitting an order (direct, pre-order, Special Order, Standard Exchange) requires providing, on top of the data related to creating a user account, a delivery address and a billing address.

1.3 - Paying an order requires the user to provide information related to means of payment.

1.4 - Subscribing to audiosoundmusic newsletter does not require a user account but does require to provide a valid email address. Provided email address will be automatically deleted upon cancellation of the user's subscription to the newsletter.

1.5 - Subscribtion to a product alert (like back in stock notification) does not require a user account but does require to provide a valid email address.

1.6 - Creatin a « wishlist » requires setting up a user account and providing related personnal data as mentionned in paragraph 1.1


2 - Duration of personnal data storage

2.1 - Personnal data related to the user account - name, surname, email address, birth date, phone number - are stored as long as the user account is active, i.e. as long as the user has not requested for the account to be deleted.

2.2 - Personnal data related to the payment of an order are stored 3 years after completion of the order, onyl to be used as proof of transaction and allow AudioSouundMusic to comply to legal and fiscal obligations.

2.3 - Personnal data related to newsletter subscription, i.e. the email address, are stored as long as the user has not cancel its subscription to the newsletter

2.4 - Personnal data related to product alert subscription, i.e. the email address, are stored as long as the user has not required their deletion.


3 - User's rights on their personnal data

3.1 - All users have the right to access, modify and delete their personnal data.

3.2 - To use that right, the user should send a request at, which has 20 working days to comply.

3.3 - Any personnal data suppresson request will require the deletion of the related user account.


4 - Personnal data communication to third parties

When absolutely necessary to order completion, customer's personnal data can be communicated to third parties engaged in the order delivery such as logistics company, product manufacturer, product distributor, insurance company, ...


5 - Sécurisation des données personnelles

5.1 - AudioSoundMusic has put in place organisational and technical mecanisms to secure customers' personnal data as much as possible.

5.2 - However, Audiosoundmusic manages customers' data on Shopify eCommerce platform which is using Clound technologies through Internet, which cannot be 100% secured. AudioSoundMusic cannot therefore ensure the full security of customer personnal data storage and communication.


6 - Personnal data processing accountability

The person accountable for seting-up the processing of customer personal data is the person legally responsible for the firm, who can be contacted at :


7 - Amendment to the terms of these provisions

AudioSoundMusic has the right to modify the terms of these provisions related to Customers' personnal data. Should such a modification be implemented, AudioSoundMusic commit to publish the amended provisions on the company's website, and inform Customers through email 15 days before the amendments' effective date. If a Customer does not agree with the amended provisions, the Customer can request the deletion of related personnal data.