1 - What are cookies ?

A cookie is a small text file created by the application server on the user's terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone) to keep track of the user's navigation on the website.


2 - Where are cookies stored and how to delete them ?

Cookies are stored by your web browser and can be deleted through your web browser:

    • On Google Chrome : menu button > More Tools > Clear browsing data
    • On Microsoft Edge : menu button > Settings > Clear browsing data
    • On Microsoft Internet Explorer : Settings > General > Browsing History > Delete


3 - Why do we use cookies ?

Most websites require cookies to perfom some basic functions to non registred users like cart management.

Others cookies are used to optimize user's experience, for exemple to show users the products they have been interest in during previous sessions.

Some cookies are used to collect, in an agregated and anonymous way, usage data such as number of unique visitors, number of average viewed pages, average session time, average number of products viewed, ...


4 - How can users manage cookies ?

During the first session on the site, the user is requested to accept or refuse the use of cookies through a specific banner on the website.