Our mission & team

Welcome to AudioSoundMusic, where our universe is dedicated to audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Olivier, Hervé, and Aude are recognized experts who have devoted themselves to perfecting music reproduction. They have joined forces to offer you the ultimate in music, including equipment, vinyl records, and accessories.

At AudioSoundMusic, sound quality, musical expertise, and passion are at the heart of every moment. Here’s what we believe:

We embrace innovation and the latest cutting-edge technologies. Our website reflects our vision through a meticulous and ongoing selection of current and available products.

We maintain deep respect for earlier technologies, which often remain a hallmark of high quality. That’s why we offer a highly selective range of pre-owned products.

Our vinyl collection consists exclusively of audiophile records—crafted by renowned global labels—with exceptional recording quality, pressing, and support.

We take pride in providing you with this unique experience, allowing you to feel the excitement of a live concert from the comfort of your couch.


Our mission: To amplify your musical emotions.