Our mission & team

We have a passion for music and want everybody to be able to share that passion.


Our mission is to provide our customers with all they need to enjoy live music emotions at home.

We are committed to sell only best-in-class vinyl, equipment and accessories, and show detailed technical information so that our customers can be sure when they are buying audiophile products. 


Olivier Guedj has dedicated his whole career to sound excellence and High Fidelity ...


His passion is to advise customers to help them acquire the most performing technologies and get the best performance from them.


With long-lasting close relationships with the best brands at global level, he supports customers with a long term perspective, insuring the best access to innovation and state of the art audiophile technologies.


Olivier Guedj is recognized as one of the best worlwide experts in the HiFi world.


With AudioSoundMusic, Olivier Guedj puts his expertise at your service within the European Union.