Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)
Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)
Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)
Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)
Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)
Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)
Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)
Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)

Bob James - One (Hybrid SACD)

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Bob James - keyboards  [click here to see more vinyl featuring Bob James]

Drums - Steve Gadd (1-4) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Steve Gadd]

Drums - Idris Muhammad (5, 6) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Idris Muhammad]

Trumpet - Thad Jones [click here to see more vinyl featuring Thad Jones]

Alto Flute, Recorder - George Marge, Romeo Penque

Bass - Gary King

Bass Trombone - Alan Raph, Jack Gale, Paul Faulise

Cello - Alan Shulman, Anthony Sophos, Charles McCracken, George Ricci, Jesse Levy, Seymour Barab

Guitar - Richard Resnicoff

Harmonica - Hugh McCracken (2)

Pedal Steel Guitar - Eric Weissberg (2)

Percussion - Ralph MacDonald

Soprano Saxophone - Grover Washington, Jr. 

Trombone - Wayne Andre

Trumpet - Alan Rubin, Lew Soloff, Marvin Stamm, Victor Paz

Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Jon Faddis

Vibraphone - Dave Friedman

Violin - Charles Libove, David Nadien, Emanuel Green, Gene Orloff, Harold Kohon, Harry Lookofsky, Joe Malin, Max Ellen, Paul Gershman



Original analog Master tape : YES



Label : Evosound

Original Label : CTI

Recorded February - April 1974 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Recorded by George Marge, Romeo Penque

Engineered by Rudy Van Gelder

Produced by Creed Taylor

Originally released in June 1974

Reissued in 2021


      1. Valley Of The Shadows - 2021 Remastered
      2. In The Garden - 2021 Remastered
      3. Soulero - 2021 Remastered
      4. Night On Bald Mountain - 2021 Remastered
      5. Feel Like Making Love - 2021 Remastered
      6. Nautilus - 2021 Remastered



          “Bob James' first recording for his Tappan Zee label is typically lightweight. Although Grover Washington, Jr. has two spots on soprano, and trumpeter Jon Faddis is in the brass section, James' dated Fender Rhodes keyboard is the lead voice throughout the six pieces, which include two adaptations of classical works. Only a lightly funky version of "Feel Like Making Love" rises above the level of pleasant background music.” AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow

          "Although you may not recognize the name Bob James it’s quite possible that you’ve actually heard his music. Over thirty hip-hop groups have sampled his music, including A Tribe Called Quest, Ghostface Killah, Run D.M.C, Jeru the Damaja and several others. It’s kind of strange how a man could be sampled in so many popular rap songs yet be so underrated and forgotten in his own respective genre; smooth jazz. Out of the 30+ albums that James released during his obliterated career One is often regarded as the highlight. Mixing together smooth funk with light jazz James was able to create an assortment of sounds branching out to a variety of different styles and moods. At points James sounds like a combination of Sly & the Family Stone and Miles Davis with his painless combination of methods.

          The main component to One would have to Bob James’s smooth piano playing. Using his Fender Rhodes keyboard Bob goes from playing danceable fusion tunes to dark, eerie jazz. Everything about One is smooth whether it be the fluid keyboard playing, the exotic guitar sounds, or the polished, bright production. The whole album is littered with sparkling keyboard effects giving it an extremely lightweight, bouncy atmosphere. In the Garden is a prime example of this mainly consisting of James’s sparkly piano playing and a laid-back, jazzy harmonica line. Valley of the Shadows is another highlight; it’s nearly ten minutes of spooky tribal percussion, eerie backing vocals, and creamy guitar playing. Whether it be a slow, spirited song or an upbeat funk tune James always makes his music sound so flowing and sinuous. Nautilis is a beautiful funk inspired piece propelled by a slick bassline and subtle keyboard touches that join together effortlessly creating a homogenous combo of jazz and R&B. One is classified as a jazz album yet there is minimal usage of brass instruments. Instead the album is much more guitar and piano based giving it heavy influences of rock, funk, and R&B.

          Despite the fact that jazz music isn’t looked upon as accessible Bob James is able to create an uncomplicated, almost effortless jazz album. Even those who aren’t very interested in jazz music should still give One a listen; the album offers a palette of different of sounds and instruments in a very accessible manner. Although One isn’t an extremely flashy or remarkable recording it is an incredibly fun, relaxing, and interesting album.” Sputnik Music, October 2007

          First released in 1974, One is the second solo album by jazz keyboardist Bob James. Bob enlisted a string of experienced Jazz players including Steve Gadd and Idris Muhammad on drums, Grover Washington on Sax and Gary King on bass. Led by the maestro himself on keyboards, One is a lush, experimental Jazz Funk record, excitingly hovering at the forefront of where music can take your soul. Produced by Creed Taylor and recorded at the famous Van Gelder Studios, the record is a monument of progressive musical greatness. It was an important album in the early smooth jazz genre and is famous for it's end track, 'Nautilus' which became important to hip-hop as one of the most sampled tracks in American music. In the 46 years since the release of One, producers have interpolated or sampled 'Nautilus' over 350 times. This is a brilliantly written and performed genre- defying set of superb tracks. 'In The Garden' and 'Night on Bald Mountain' are wonderful adaptations of two very different pieces of classical music - totally engaging for anyone who appreciates complex arrangements made funky and jazzy and played with consummate musicianship. 'Soulero' is a wonderful bolero-style piece, building layers of beautiful tones and rhythms.evosound remastered the album using hi-resolution digital transfers from the original analogue master tapes.


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          Discogs: 4.67 / 5

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