<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>
<tc>Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)</tc>

Carole King – Music (Ultra Analog, Half-speed Mastering)

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Carole King – vocals, piano, electric piano, electric celeste, backing vocals [click here to see more vinyl featuring Carole King]

James Taylor – acoustic guitar on "Some Kind of Wonderful", "Song of Long Ago" and "Too Much Rain", backing vocals refrain on "Some Kind of Wonderful" [click here to see more vinyl featuring James Taylor]

Ralph Schuckett – organ on "Sweet Seasons" and "Surely", electric piano on "Back to California", electric celeste on "Growing Away from Me"

Danny Kortchmar – acoustic and electric guitars; backing vocals on "Song of Long Ago"

Charles Larkey – electric and acoustic bass guitar

Joel O'Brien – drums

Russ Kunkel – drums on "Back to California"

Ms. Bobbye Hall – congas, bongos, tambourine

Teresa Calderon – congas on "Brother, Brother"

Curtis Amy – tenor saxophone on "Brother, Brother", Sweet Seasons" and "Music", electric flute on "Surely"

Oscar Brashear – flugelhorn on "Sweet Seasons" and "Carry Your Load"

William Green – woodwind, flute, saxophone

Buddy Collette – woodwind, flute, saxophone

Ernest Watts – woodwind, flute, saxophone

Plas Johnson – woodwind, flute, saxophone

Mike Altschul – woodwind, flute, saxophone

Abigale Haness – backing vocals on "Some Kind of Wonderful", "Surely", "Music", "Brighter" and "Growing Away from Me"

Merry Clayton – backing vocals "second woooh" on "Back to California"

Written by Carole King (all tracks), Toni Stern (A2-3, B5), Gerry Goffin (A4)


1 LP, gatefold jacket

Limited numbered edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

Half-speed Mastering

Gain 2™ Ultra Analog

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : RTI

Label : MOFI

Original Label : A&M

Engineered by Hank Cicalo

Produced by Lou Adler

Remastered by Rob LoVerde at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

Originally released in December 1971

Reissued in 2011



Side A:

  1. Brother, Brother
  2. It's Going to Take Some Time
  3. Sweet Seasons
  4. Some Kind of Wonderful
  5. Surely
  6. Carry Your Load

Side B:

  1. Music
  2. Song of Long Ago
  3. Brighter
  4. Growing Away from Me
  5. Too Much Rain
  6. Back to California


            Reviews :

            “After years as one of the most prolific and successful songwriters in pop music, Carole King emerged in the '70s with Tapestry, an album that catapulted her to the forefront of the singer/songwriter movement. While she had mined her back catalog for that album, she relied more heavily on songs written with new collaborator Toni Stern for Music. Coming out on the heels of the classic Tapestry, it's hard not to feel like this album was a bit of a letdown. However, time has shown this album to be one of her finest. While these songs lyrically lack the simplistic beauty of Gerry Goffin-penned tunes, the melodies are very strong and Carole King adds some nice texture to her piano-based tunes with the tasteful percussion of Bobbye Hall. When King goes for grand statements, however, it doesn't always work. Her call for peace and brotherhood works on songs like the opening track, "Brother, Brother," but her voice is not strong enough and does not convey enough emotion to prevent uplifting tunes like "Carry Your Load" from sounding a bit hollow and preachy. But her songwriting is still in peak form, and there are many highlights including "It's Gonna Take Some Time" (also made into a hit by the Carpenters) and "Song of Long Ago" (with backing vocals by James Taylor).” AllMusic Review by Vik Iyengar


            Ultra Analog™ : The GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ Series stems from the use of the Gain 2 system, mastered at half speed from the original master tapes where possible, capturing and uncovering as before undiscovered sonic information.


            Half-speed mastering. In half-speed mastering, the whole process is slowed down to half of the original speed. A typical 33 1/3 rpm record is cut at 16 2/3 rpm. The source material is also slowed down (reducing the pitch in the process) meaning the final record will still sound normal when played back. Slowing the whole process down allows more time, which means the end result sounds better and is more efficient — allowing engineering to minimize the effects of inherent limitations within the vinyl format. The result is a more accurate and more open high-frequency response in the half speed vinyl when compared with a normal speed recording.


            Ratings :

            AllMusic : 4 / 5 ; Discogs : 4.39 / 5

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