Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)
Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)
Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)
Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)
Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)
Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)
Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)
Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)

Foreigner - 4 (Hybrid SACD, Ultradisc UHR)

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Mick Jones, lead guitar, keyboards, background vocals

Lou Gramm, lead vocals, percussion

Dennis Elliott, drums, background vocals

Rick Wills, bass guitar, background vocals


1 SACD, gatefold jacket

Limited numbered edition

Original analog Master tape : YES



Label : MOFI

Original Label : Atlantic

Recorded December 1980−April 1981 at Electric Lady Studios, New York City

Engineered by Dave Wittman

Produced by Mick Jones, Robert John "Mutt" Lange

Mastered by Shawn R. Britton at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Sebastopol, CA on The Gain 2 System™

Manufactured by Sony Music Entertainment

Glass master manufactured at Sony DADC

Originally released in 1981

Reissued in April 2013



  1. Night Life
  2. Juke Box Hero
  3. Break It Up
  4. Waiting for a Girl Like You
  5. Luanne
  6. Urgent
  7. I'm Gonna Win
  8. Woman in Black
  9. Girl on the Moon
  10. Don't Let Go


Reviews :

"Over the course of their first three late-'70s albums, Foreigner had firmly established themselves (along with Journey and Styx) as one of the top AOR bands of the era. But the band was still looking for that grand slam of a record that would push them to the very top of the heap. Released in 1981, 4 would be that album. In producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange -- fresh off his massive success with AC/DC's Back in Black -- guitarist and all-around mastermind Mick Jones found both the catalyst to achieve this and his perfect musical soulmate. Lange's legendary obsessive attention to detail and Jones' highly disciplined guitar heroics (which he never allowed to get in the way of a great song) resulted in a collaboration of unprecedented, sparkling efficiency where not a single note is wasted. "Nightlife" is only the first in a series ("Woman in Black," "Don't Let Go," the '50s-tinged "Luanne") of energetic, nearly flawless melodic rockers, and with "Juke Box Hero," the band somehow managed to create both a mainstream hit single and a highly unique-sounding track, alternating heavy metal guitar riffing, chorused vocals, and one of the ultimate "wanna be a rock star" lyrics. As for the mandatory power ballad, the band also reached unparalleled heights with "Waiting for a Girl Like You." One of the decade's most successful cross-genre tearjerkers, it has since become a staple of soft rock radio and completely eclipsed the album's other very lovely ballad, "Girl on the Moon," in the process. And last but not least, the surprisingly funky "Urgent" proved to be one of the band's most memorable and uncharacteristic smash hits, thanks to Junior Walker's signature saxophone solo. Through it all, vocalist Lou Gramm does his part, delivering a dazzling performance that confirmed his status as one of the finest voices of his generation. Three years later, Foreigner would achieve even greater success on a pop level with the uneven Agent Provocateur, but by then Jones and Gramm were locked in an escalating war of egos that would soon lead to the band's demise. All things considered, 4 remains Foreigner's career peak." AllMusic Review by Eduardo Rivadavia


Ultra High-Resolution (UHR) is a dual-layer hybrid SACD recorded with Direct Stream Digital Technology at a sampling rate of 11.2 MHZ and a frequency response of DC to 100KHz. In addition, a high-precision down-conversion is utilized for the CD layer (16bit/44.1kHz) to preserve the sonic integrity of the original DSD capture. The result: State-of-the-art sound on any machine that can play either standard compact discs or SACDs.


Ratings :

AllMusic : 4.5 / 5 , Discogs : 4.39 / 5

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