Fritz Reiner - The Reiner Sound - Ravel, Rachmaninov
Fritz Reiner - The Reiner Sound - Ravel, Rachmaninov
Fritz Reiner - The Reiner Sound - Ravel, Rachmaninov
Fritz Reiner - The Reiner Sound - Ravel, Rachmaninov

Fritz Reiner - The Reiner Sound - Ravel, Rachmaninov

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Fritz Reiner, conductor


1 LP,  gatefold sleeves

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Quality Record Pressings

Label : Analogue Productions

Original Label : RCA

Recorded November 3, 1956 (Rapsodie Espagnole), March 2, 1957 (Pavane) and April 13, 1957 (Rachmaninov) in Orchestra Hall, Chicago, IL.

Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

Produced by Richard Mohr

Originally released in 1958

Reissued in 2013

Tracks :

Side A : Maurice Ravel
  1.  Rapsodie Espagnole
  2.  Pavan For A Dead Princess
Side B : Sergei Rachmaninov

1. Isle of the Dead


Winner of a Gruvy Award, chosen by AnalogPlanet's editor, Michael Fremer, for vinyl records that are musically and sonically outstanding and are also well mastered and pressed

TAS Super LP List! Special Merit: Collections


"Between the Classic Records and Analogue Productions reissues I have, the Classic Records version has EQ that emphasizes the bass frequencies for colossal bass trombones you feel as much as hear, while the Analogue Productions version sounds more neutral and emphasizes the woodwinds and the idiosyncratic textures that come from reeds made by the players themselves, so that no two are truly alike. Overall I prefer the Analogue Productions version as it fully preserves the dramatic stereo imaging of the era when records tried to capture the space the orchestra performed in as well as the orchestra itself." Rating 95% —

"Grade: A+. As good as this record has ever sounded. Liquidly beautiful string and wind tone, very deep and powerful bass (although the orchestra occasionally overloads the mics or mic preamps, as it does on the original RCA pressings), sensational dynamics on both the Ravel Rapsodie and the Rachmaninoff Isle of the Dead (with some of the lifelike ease you usually only hear on reel-to-reel tape), and astonishing preservation of inner detail (some of which I haven't heard before this clearly on vinyl or digital)." — Jonathan Valin, The Absolute, June 11, 2013.


AllMusic : 3 / 5 , Discogs : 4.45 / 5  

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