Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna
Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna
Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna
Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna
Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna
Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna
Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna
Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna

Gregorio Paniagua - La Folia de la Spagna

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The Atrium Musicae de Madrid conducted by Dr. Don Grégorio Paniagua Rodriguez

1 LP, gatefold sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Pallas

Label : Speakers Corner

Original Label : Harmonia Mundi

Recording: June 1980 by Jean-François Pontefract

Production: Eva Coutaz

Originally released in 1962

Reissued in 2008

Tracks :

Side A :

  1. Fons vitae/Dementia praecox angelorum Supra solmamirevt
  2. Extravagans/Laurea minima/In vitro
  3. Oratio pro-folia/Fama volat Citrus - Hesperides
  4. Principalis. Fermescens/Inica exacta Adverso flumine
  5. Parsimonia aristocraciae

Side B :

  1. Subtilis/De profundis - Extra muros
  2. Vulgaris - Sine populi notione Vagula et blandula
  3. Nordica et desolata/Aurea mediocritas
  4. Nobilissima/Degradans et corruptae
  5. De pastoribus/Mathematica dies irae /Crepuscularis/Sine nomine/Tristis est anima mea/Equites fortis armaturae/Audaces fortuna juvat/Sine praeputium/Ecclesiastica
  6. Theatralis et hipocritae/Ruralis Alter indica perfecta
  7. De Tolerentia aetherea/Fuga ficta et carrus triumphalis

Reviews :

"Quickly becoming a cult LP when issued in 1980, this brilliantly inventive set of twelve variations on the 16th-century Portuguese theme 'La Folia'…There are forays into jazz, hoedown, Indian sitar music, and even a quote from Mancini's Pink Panther! The cherry on the icing is to have it back on pristine vinyl again." Recording = 5/5; Performance = 5/5 – Chris Breunig, Hi-Fi News, December 2007

First mentioned around 1500 in Portugal, no forms or melodies have come down to us for the Folia. Described by historians as a noisy dance which was performed by masked and disguised figures who leapt about as though they had lost their reason, a tranquil, sarabande-like form asserted itself in Europe in the early 17th century.

Grégorio Paniagua, director of the Atrium Musicae de Madrid, demonstrates once again his virtuosity in his treatment of historical material. His arrangements are not confined to medieval and baroque instruments but also employ a whole arsenal of percussion, such as various small drums, triangle, tambourine, castanets and xylophone. As the title of the LP suggests, the ensemble adds spice to the airy variety of timbres with a small touch of madness here and there. Unbelievably, a jazz solo is heard which recalls the "Pink Panther Theme", and the Orient is conjured up by two Indian tunes (ragas) in which the sitar chirps passionately to the powerful plop-plop-plop of tabla rhythms.

With its high resolution sound which places a high demand on hi-fi equipment in order to get the best reproduction, this record is both cult and legend.

Ratings :

Discogs  4,52 / 5

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