Henry Mancini - The music from Peter Gunn - AudioSoundMusic
Henry Mancini - The music from Peter Gunn - AudioSoundMusic
Henry Mancini - The music from Peter Gunn - AudioSoundMusic
Henry Mancini - The music from Peter Gunn - AudioSoundMusic

Henry Mancini - The music from Peter Gunn

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Composed and conducted by Henry Mancini

Trumpets: Pete Candoli, Ray Linn, Frank Beach, Uan Rasey, Conrad Gozzo

Trombones: Dick Nash, Jimmy Priddy, Milt Bernhart, Karl DeKarske

French horns: John Graas, Vincent DeRosa, Richard Perissi, John Cave

Reeds: Ted Nash, Plas Johnson, Ronny Lang, Paul Horn, Gene Cipriano

Piano: John Williams

Guitar: Bob Bain, Al Hendrickson

Vibraphone: Victor Feldman, Larry Bunker

Bass: Rolly Bundock

Drums: Shelly Manne, Alvin Stoller, Jack Sperling


1 LP, standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Pallas

Label : Speakers Corner

Original Label :  RCA

Recorded August 26, 31, and September 4, 29, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

Produced by Simon Rady

Originally released in 1959

Reissued in 2013


Tracks :

Side A :

  1. Peter Gunn
  2. Sorta Blue
  3. The Brothers Go to Mother's
  4. Dreamsville
  5. Session at Pete's Pad
  6. Soft Sounds

Side B :

  1. Fallout!
  2. The Floater
  3. Slow and Easy
  4. A Profound Gass
  5. Brief and Breezy
  6. Not from Dixie


Reviews :

« Remember how strikingly contemporary it seemed when Miami Vice used Phil Collins and Glenn Frey on its soundtrack, or years later when the producers of Gilmore Girls and The O.C. showcased young indie bands on their shows? Well, it was just that revolutionary in 1958 when Blake Edwards, producer of the otherwise fairly standard detective show Peter Gunn, tapped the young composer Henry Mancini to write a soundtrack informed by the West Coast-style cool jazz of Dave Brubeck and Chet Baker. The soundtrack album for Peter Gunn may be best known for the cool twang guitar riff of the main theme (later lifted wholesale by the B-52's for "Planet Claire," among others who recognized its forbidding cool), but this is his most jazz-influenced soundtrack work. There's some particularly impressive work by drummer Shelly Manne and vibes player Victor Feldman, whose cool, understated playing seems to deliberately recall that of Milt Jackson. » AllMusic Review

This is not only a great LP but a key piece of jazz and pop music history. Back in 1958, "Peter Gunn" was one of the unexpected hits of the new television season, capturing the imagination of millions of viewers by mixing private eye action with a jazz setting. Composer Henry Mancini was more than fluent in jazz, and his music nailed down the popularity of the series. With the main title theme, a driving, ominous, exciting piece of music to lead off the album, "The Music from Peter Gunn" became a huge hit, charting extraordinarily high for a television soundtrack and doing so well that RCA Victor came back the next year asking for a second helping ("More Music From Peter Gunn") from Mancini.

The music holds up: "Session At Pete’s Pad" is a superb workout for the trumpets of Pete Candoli, Uan Rasey, Conrad Gozzo, and Frank Beach, while Barney Kessel’s electric guitar gets the spotlight during "Dreamsville"; and "Sorta Blue" and "Fallout" are full-ensemble pieces that constitute quintessential 'cool' West Coast jazz of the period. In other words, it’s all virtuoso orchestral jazz, presented in its optimum form.


Ratings :

Allmusic : 5 / 5 ,  Discogs :   4,24 / 5 , Rate Your Music :   3,92 / 5

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