<transcy>James Taylor - Never Die Young</transcy>
<transcy>James Taylor - Never Die Young</transcy>
<transcy>James Taylor - Never Die Young</transcy>
<transcy>James Taylor - Never Die Young</transcy>
<transcy>James Taylor - Never Die Young</transcy>
<transcy>James Taylor - Never Die Young</transcy>

James Taylor - Never Die Young

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James Taylor – lead vocals, guitars [click here to see more vinyl featuring James Taylor]

Bob Mann – guitars

Jeff Mironov – additional guitars (A2, B2)

Dan Dugmore – banjo, pedal steel guitar

Don Grolnick – keyboards

Bill Payne – synthesizers (A2, A4)

Clifford Carter – synthesizer programming

Robbie Kilgore – synthesizer programming

Leland Sklar – bass guitar (A1-4, B2-4)

Jay Leonhart – acoustic bass (B1)

Carlos Vega – drums, percussion

"Cafe" Edison A. da Silva – percussion (B5)

Michael Brecker – tenor saxophone (A2-3)

Mark O'Connor – violin (A4, B1)

Greg "Fingers" Taylor – harmonica (B4)

Rosemary Butler – backing vocals

Arnold McCuller – backing vocals

Lani Groves – additional backing vocals (A1, B2)

David Lasley – additional backing vocals (A1, B2)


1 LP, Gatefold Cover

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press : RTI

Label : Friday Music

Original Label : Columbia

Recorded at Power Station

Engineered & mixed by James Farber

Produced by Don Grolnick

Remastered by Joe Reagoso

Originally released in 1988

Reissued in 2013



Side A :

  1. Never Die Young
  2. T-Bone
  3. Baby Boom Baby
  4. Runaway Boy

Side B :

  1. Sun On The Moon
  2. Sweet Potato Pie
  3. Home By Another Way
  4. Letter In The Mail
  5. First Of May


Reviews :

"While his aging contemporaries took a variety of tacks to keep up with changing fashions, from adopting more synthesized, percussive production styles to assembling an orchestra and singing standards, James Taylor just kept playing a summer concert tour each year, and periodically putting out another collection of similar-sounding songs. Never Die Young was unusual only in that there was no big oldies cover from the '50s or '60s -- every song was written or co-written by Taylor -- but otherwise it addressed the same audience in much the same terms as he always had. The title song and "Baby Boom Baby" (both Adult Contemporary hits) referred to the passage of time, and the rest floated on a sea of yuppie contentment. "I work hard to see that you remember my name," he sang, and that work seemed to consist of reminding his listeners why they had liked him in the first place." AllMusic Review by William Ruhlmann


Ratings :

AllMusic : 3 / 5 , Discogs : 3,85 / 5

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