Keb’ Mo’ – Suitcase - AudioSoundMusic
Keb’ Mo’ – Suitcase - AudioSoundMusic
Keb’ Mo’ – Suitcase - AudioSoundMusic
Keb’ Mo’ – Suitcase - AudioSoundMusic

Keb’ Mo’ – Suitcase

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Keb’ Mo : Electric Guitar & National Steel Guitar, Steel Dobro, Pogreba Resonator Guitar
Fran Banish : Electric Guitar, Volume Swells Guitar, 
Michael Finnigan : Hammond B3
Reggie McBride : Bass
Sergio Gonzalez : Drums
Kat Dyson : Leslie Guitar
Jeff Paris : Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Mandolin
Jon Cleary : Piano & Hammond B3
Paulinho da Costa : Percussion
Greg Leisz : Pedal Steel Guitar 
And the Texacali Horns 
Darrell Leonard : Trumpet, Trombonium
Joe Sublett : Tenor Saxophone
Terry Wollman : Electric Baritone Guitar
Paul Oscher : Harp
Steve Ferrone : Drums
Greg Tardy : Clarinet
John Porter : Mandolin Solo

Background Vocals : Sir Harry Bowens, Sweetpea Atkinson, Vince Bonham, James Ingram & Vida Simon


1 LP, Gatefold sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Pallas

Label : Pure Pleasure

Original Label : EPIC

Recorded by Rik Pekkonen & John Porter at Shangri La Studio, Malibu, ca & Studio West Los Angelea, ca

Mixed by John Porter at The Dune Room, Maliliu, CA

Additional Engineering by Mark Johnson at Stu Stu Studio, West Los Angeles, CA

Produced by John Porter 

Remastered by Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London

Originally released in 2006


Side A :

1. Your love 
2. The Itch 
3. Eileen 
4. Remain silent 
5. Still there for me 
6. Rita

Side B :

1. I'm a hero 
2. Suitcase 
3. Whole 'nutha thang 
4. I see love 
5. I'll be your water 
6. Life is beautiful.


« On Suitcase, his eighth studio release, Keb' Mo' (Kevin Moore) reunites with John Porter, the producer of Moore's critically lauded first album, and the result is a pleasant, midtempo suite of songs dedicated to the emotional baggage everyone carries with them as they plow through increasingly complicated lives in search of peace, love, and some measure of personal redemption. Moore covers this ground with a wink and a grin in his voice, though, and Suitcase emerges as a wry commentary on modern life that still manages to sound bright and positive, beginning with the effervescent, sprung reggae rhythm of the opening track, "Your Love," one of the best cuts here. Other highlights include the lovely ballad, "Still There for Me," a celebration of the little man and his private victories, "I'm a Hero," and the soothing, hopeful shuffle that closes things out, "Life Is Beautiful." Moore is generally classified as a blues player, but the truth is, aside from his first album, he has actually done very little true blues material, and it is probably more accurate to call what he does blues-informed, but even that ignores the point that he is probably much closer in tone, theme, and feel to James Taylor than he is to Robert Johnson or any other blues figure. He does turn to the blues here, though, on the title track, "Suitcase," and morphs it into a wonderfully engaging song about what people bring into a romantic relationship and what they take away in the end, making full use of the "emotional baggage" connection inherent in the title. It is Keb' Mo' at his best, drawing on his ability to synthesize roots forms like the blues into completely contemporary commentaries on the struggles, travails, and blind faith in personal redemption that accompanies people as they slog their way daily ever deeper into the 21st century. » AllMusic Review by Steve Leggett


AllMusic : 3.5 / 5 , Discogs : 4.52 / 5 

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