Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne - Arthur Fiedler - AudioSoundMusic
Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne - Arthur Fiedler - AudioSoundMusic
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Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne - Arthur Fiedler - AudioSoundMusic
Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne - Arthur Fiedler - AudioSoundMusic

Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne - Arthur Fiedler

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Composer Jacques Offenbach

Libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy

Conductor Arthur Fiedler

Orchestra Boston Pops Orchestra

Orchestrated by Manuel Rosenthal

1 LP,  standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Quality Record Pressings

Label : Analogue Productions

Original Label : RCA

Remastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound

Originally released in 1958

Reissued in 2014

Tracks :

Side A : 

1. Gaite Parisienne (Part 1)

Side B :

1. Gaite Parisienne (Part 2)


TAS Super LP List! Special Merit: Classical


“So far, Analogue Productions' series of outstanding reissues have avoided the missteps of the previous Classic Records issues, instead offering real improvements over the originals. … The latest release, of this title and the Offenbach Gaite Parisienne (LSC 1817), keeps a perfect track record of outstanding Living Stereo releases by Analogue Productions. Pristine surfaces and better-defined layers of sound along with much finer texture add up to a wonderful experience of the famous Organ Symphony. The original is almost coarse sounding compared to this reissue. While the Offenbach reissue does not eclipse the original in all areas, the original remains very expensive and the reissue is superb.” Dennis D. Davis, Hi-Fi +, Issue 119

"These are the best vinyl releases of RCA LPs I've yet heard."  Jonathan Valin, executive editor, The Absolute Sound. 

« There are few performances of the Offenbach/Rosenthal ballet Gaîté Parisienne to match Arthur Fiedler's delightful 1954 recording with the Boston Pops Orchestra, and the companion piece on this RCA Living Stereo reissue, the Rossini/Respighi ballet La boutique fantasque, is similarly a joy to hear again since the 1956 performance is still a classic among few competitors. Everything is vivid and sparkling in this sonic showcase: both historic recordings represent RCA's exceptional efforts in pioneering stereo reproduction, and as early examples of the art, they are astonishingly fresh and vibrant. Even by today's digital standards, these remastered ADD recordings stand up quite well in clarity, color, and frequency range. Yet even though several modern, all-digital recordings of Gaîté Parisienne and La boutique fantasque can boast superior technology, it's hard to find any who can top Fiedler for joie de vivre or his brilliant orchestra for expertise in this effervescent repertoire. AllMusic Review by Blair Sanderson

Very lively French light orchestral favorites. Considered by some to be the best RCA recording of all! Recorded June 1954 in Boston Symphony Hall, Arthur Fiedler conductor and the Boston Pops Orchestra performing.

Fiedler's performance of Offenbach's Gaite Parisienne combines delightfully lyrical music with spectacular sonics to create and unforgettable listening experience. The fabled acoustics of Boston's Symphony hall and the magnificent tonal hues of the Boston Pops are on full display on this fanciful and festive recording by the great master of light classics with the champagne touch. Filled with waltzes, polkas, the inevitable Cancan and the timeless Barcarolle, these bouyant performances never touch the ground.


AllMusic : 4 / 5 , Discogs : 4.45 / 5 , Hi-Fi + : Recording = 10/10 Music = 10/10

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