Peter Gabriel and Various Artists - Big Blue Ball (2LP, 45RPM, Blue vinyl)
Peter Gabriel and Various Artists - Big Blue Ball (2LP, 45RPM, Blue vinyl)
Peter Gabriel and Various Artists - Big Blue Ball (2LP, 45RPM, Blue vinyl)
Peter Gabriel and Various Artists - Big Blue Ball (2LP, 45RPM, Blue vinyl)

Peter Gabriel and Various Artists - Big Blue Ball (2LP, 45RPM, Blue vinyl)

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Peter Gabriel - Vocals (A1, B3, C2), Bass (B3), Drone (D1), Keyboards (A1, B3, C2, D3) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Peter Gabriel]

Vocals - Natacha Atlas (A2), Papa Wemba (B1), Iaria O Lionaird (B2), Joseph Arthur (B2), Joseph Arthur (B3), Sinéad O'Connor (C1), Hukwe Zawose (C3), Márta Sebestyén (D1), Rossy (D2), Karl Wallinger (D3)

Backing Vocals – Andy White (A1), Tim Finn (A1), Reddy Amisi (B1), Justin Adams (B3), Karl Wallinger (B3), Sevara Nazarkhan (C1), Jules Shear (C2), Karl Wallinger (C2), The Holmes Brothers (C2),

Keyboards –  Stephen Hague (A2), Tchad Blake (B2), Eric Mouquet (B2), Michel Sanchez (B2), Rupert Hine (C1), Karl Wallinger (D3)

Sequenced by Chuck Norman (A1-2, B2-3, C2-3, D3), Stephen Hague (C3)

Guitar Synth – Vernon Reid (B2, D1), Tchad Blake (C2),

Harmonium – Tchad Blake (B2)

Piano – Eric Mouquet (B2), Michel Sanchez (B2), Angie Pollack (C1)

Organ – Tchad Blake (C2)

Bass – Alexis Faku (A1), Noel Ekwabi (B2), Tchad Blake (B3), Jah Wobble (C2), Wendy Melvoin (C2), Karl Wallinger (D1), Jah Wobble (D2)

Double Bass [Acoustic] – Karl Wallinger (D3)

Flute – Francis Bebey (A1), Guo Yue (C1), Márta Sebestyén (D1)

Guitar – Karl Wallinger (A1), Paul Allen (A1), Juan Manuel Cañizares (B1), Karl Wallinger (B3), Joseph Arthur (B3), Richard Evans (C1), David Rhodes (C2), Justin Adams (C2), Vernon Reid (C3)

Tom Tom [Toms] – Tchad Blake (A1)

Baglama – Tim Whelan (A2)

Drums – Manu Katche (D3) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Manu Katché]

Drums – Hossam Ramzy (A2), Neil Sparkes (A2), Tchad Blake (B1), Ged Lynch (C1), Joji Hirota (C1), Billy Cobham (C2), Tchad Blake (C2), Tchad Blake (D3)

Strings – The Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble (A2)

Bongos – Laurent Coatelen (B1)

Percussion – Papa Wemba (B1), Joji Hirota (C1), Arona N'Diaye (C3, D2)

Bagpipes [Uilleann] – Ronan Browne (B2)

Congas – The Papa Wemba Band (B2)

Whistling – James McNally (B2)

Shaker, Tambourine – Tchad Blake (B3)

Mandolin– Richard Evans (C1)

Djembe – Arona N'Diaye (C2)

Duduk [Doudouk] – Levon Minassian (C3)

Accordion – Stephen Hague (D1, D3)


2 LPs, standard sleeve

Limited edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : Blue

Speed : 45 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : unspecified

Label : Classic Records (now part of Analogue Productions)

Original Label : Classic Records (now part of Analogue Productions)

Produced by Karl Wallinger, Peter Gabriel, Stephen Hague

Released in May 2008 (first edition)



Side A :

  1. Whole Thing
  2. Habibe

Side B

  1. Shadow
  2. altus silva
  3. Exit Through You

Side C:

  1. Everything Comes From You
  2. Burn You Up, Burn You Down
  3. Forest

Side D:

  1. Rivers
  2. Jijy
  3. Big Blue Ball



      “Big Blue Ball is more of a collective than a band, with the final project being completed well over a decade after the majority of the sessions. Back in the '90s (1991, 1992, and 1995 to be exact), Peter Gabriel and Karl Wallinger invited friends and musicians from around the world to participate in weeklong collaborative writing and recording sessions at Real World Studios. The results were then crafted into this album. Overall, the album crosses the globe-trotting multiculturalism of Music and Rhythm (the first WOMAD compilation) with the slick production of Gabriel's Us (released about the same time these sessions took place). Couple the fact that Gabriel's solo work has been increasingly infused with world music beginning with Security and the fact that he's got one of the more recognizable voices in music, and Big Blue Ball almost plays like a lost Peter Gabriel album. This is not meant to diminish the strong contributions of others. Hossam Ramzy and Natacha Atlas take the lead on "Habibe" and Márta Sebestyén, Sinéad O'Connor, Rossy, and Papa Wemba all turn in great vocal performances. Joseph Arthur and Iarla Ó Lionáird's "Altus Silva" actually sounds a bit like Gabriel, and when Arthur joins Gabriel on "Exit Through You," the result could easily be a So outtake. The sound changes a bit at the end of the album, moving from the Peter Gabriel '90s sound to something a bit more 21st century with the Malagasy rap of "Jijy" and the sampled horns of the title track. It's a bit odd that Big Blue Ball was so long in coming, but Peter Gabriel fans will find it was worth the wait.” AllMusic Review by Sean Westergaard


      Ratings :

      AllMusic : 3 / 5 ; Discogs : 4 / 5

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