Brahms, Schubert - The Marlboro Music Festival
Brahms, Schubert - The Marlboro Music Festival
Brahms, Schubert - The Marlboro Music Festival
Brahms, Schubert - The Marlboro Music Festival

Brahms, Schubert - The Marlboro Music Festival

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Johannes Brahms - "Liebeslieder-Walzer" op. 52

Franz Schubert: "The Shepard On The Rock" D 965

The Marlboro Music Festival Orchestra, Rudolf Serkin (Piano), Leon Fleisher (Piano : A1 - A12, B1 - B6), Harold Wright (clarinet : B7)

Benita Valente (soprano), Marlena Kleinman (Alto Vocals : A1 - A12, B1 - B6), Martial Singher (Bass Vocals : A1 - A12, B1 - B6), Benita Valente (Soprano Vocals : A1 - A12, B1 - B6), Wayne Connor (Tenor Vocals : A1 - A12, B1 - B6)


1 LP, standard sleeve

    Original analog Master tape : YES

    Heavy Press : 180g

    Record color : black

    Speed : 33 RPM

    Size : 12'’



    Record Press : Pallas

    Label : Speakers Corner

    Original Label : Columbia

    Recording: August 1960 at Marlboro School of Music, Vermont (USA), by Fred Plaut

    Production: Howard H. Scott

    Originally released in 1961

    Reissued January 2016


    Tracks :

    Side A : Johannes Brahms - Liebeslieder-Walzer, Op. 52

    1. Rede, Madchen, Allzu, Liebes (Tell Me, Most Beloved Maiden)  
    2. Am Gesteine Rauscht Die Flut (Waves Break High Upon The Rock)          
    3. O Die Frauen (Ah, The Women)
    4. Wie Des Abends Schone Rote (Like The Evening's Glowing Crimson)       
    5. Die Grune Hopfenranke (The Green Ivy)              
    6. Ein Kleiner, Hubscher Vogel (A Pretty Little Birdling Once)           
    7. Wohl Schon Bewandt War Es (All Was Well With Me Before)     
    8. Wenn So Lind Dein Auge Mir (When You Glanced So Tenderly)  
    9. Am Donaustrande (On The Banks Of The Danube)           
    10. O Wie Sanft Die Quelle (On How Gentle The Murmuring Stream)             
    11. Nein, Es Ist Nicht Auszukommen (No, It's More Than Flesh Can Bear)     
    12. Schlosser Aug, Und Mache Schlosser (Locksmith Up And Make Me Padlocks)

    Side B : Johannes Brahms - Liebeslieder-Walzer, Op. 52

    1. Vogelein Durchrauscht Die Luft (Birds Are Winging Through The Air)      
    2. Sieh, Wi Ist Die Welle Klar (See How Brightly Gleams The Wave)              
    3. Nachtigall, Sie Singt So Schon (Nightengail, You Sing So Sweetly)             
    4. Ein Dunkeler Schact Is Liebe (Love Is A Pit Of Darkness) 
    5. Nicht Wandel, Mein Licht (Light of My Life, Do Not Depart)         
    6. Es Bebet Das Gestrauche (The Branches Rustle Gently)  
    7. Franz Schubert - The Shepherd On The Rock, Op. 129


    Reviews :

    The waltz was perhaps the most important thing that the rather level-headed and conservative Johannes Brahms from Hamburg brought back with him from his sojourn in Vienna. In addition to his purely instrumental waltzes for the piano, he also composed the "Liebeslieder Waltzes" – uniquely folk like and highly original vocal joyfulness in ¾ time. The lyrics are taken from real life and tell of love, longing, desire, and suffering but also of anger and derision.

    Just how ideally this music fits in with the workshop atmosphere of the Marlboro Summer Music Festival is fully evident here. The musicians gathered around Rudolf Serkin sing the very finest Brahms – joyous, inspired yet completely relaxed – and reflect light upon all aspects of earthly existence. An excellent choice to complement these emotions is Schubert’s penultimate composition "The Shepherd On The Rock" D 965. This great and far-too-seldom performed lied is based on three poems, which are performed impressively and with brilliant musicality by the soloist Benita Valente. And last but not least, the addition of the clarinet, which functions both as a soloist as well as imitating the voice, lends the work its particular charm.



    Discogs : 4 / 5

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