David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 - The Giver (Black vinyl)
David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 - The Giver (Black vinyl)
David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 - The Giver (Black vinyl)
David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 - The Giver (Black vinyl)

David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 - The Giver (Black vinyl)

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David Hillyard – Tenor and Baritone Saxophones, Backing Vocals (A5)

Sean Wheeler – Lead Vocals (A2-5, B1-4)

Larry McDonald – Percussion

Jimmy Boom – Drums

Chiquis Lozoya – Bass, Backing Vocals (A2-5, B2-4)

Devin Morrison – Guitar

Ray Jacildo – Organ, Piano

Alex Desert – Backing Vocals (A2-5, B2-4)

Glen Pine – Trombone (A1-3, B1)

Buford O’Sullivan – Trombone (A5, B2, B4-5)

Luigi De Gaspari – Trombone, Bass Trombone (A4, A6, B4)

Rich Graiko – Trumpet (A1, A6, B1-2, B4)

Rolf Langsjoen – Trumpet (A2, A4, A5)

Tommy Mattioli – Balafon (A6), Vibraphone BA, B3-4)

Jayson Nugent – Pick Guitar (A4 , B1)

Micah Nelson – Harmonica (B3)


1 LP, standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : Black

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press : unspecified

Label :  ORG Music

Original Label : ORG Music

Recorded at Hen House Studios by Harlan Steinberger.

Produced by David Hillyard, Andrew Rossiter, and Harlan Steinberger.

Remastered by Bernie Grundman.

Released in 2018


Tracks :

Side A

1. More Than 2 Sides (Hillyard)
2. Measure of a Man (Sherley)
3. Now That You Know (Wheeler / Pitman)
4. The Giver (Hillyard / Wheeler)
5. Somebody Done Changed The Lock on My Door (Weldon)
6. Song of the Underground Railroad (Traditional arr. Hillyard)


Side B

1. Home is Where the Hatred Is (Scott-Heron)
2. Take a Chance on Me (Hillyard)
3. Ulysses (Hillyard)
4. Someone Else’s Love Song (Hillyard)
5. Dark Before Dawn (Hillyard)


Reviews :

The Giver is the fifth album from David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7, following Hillyard's 2014 solo album, California. Based out of New York but relying on a global cast of musicians, David has been directing the group's mix of Jamaican roots music with American jazz, soul, and R&B since 1997.

The Giver features Jamaican percussion legend and Rocksteady 7 regular Larry McDonald. Also featured prominently is vocalist Sean Wheeler, best known as frontman of Throwrag. The album features renditions of John Coltrane's "Song of the Underground Railroad" and Gil Scott Heron's "Home is Where the Hatred Is." It was recorded at Hen House Studios in Venice, Calif., mastered by Bernie Grundman, and pressed at Pallas Group in Germany.


Ratings :

Discogs 4.53 / 5

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