Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up (Cisco Music) - AudioSoundMusic
Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up (Cisco Music) - AudioSoundMusic
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Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up (Cisco Music) - AudioSoundMusic
Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up (Cisco Music) - AudioSoundMusic

Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up (Cisco Music)

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Dexter Gordon - tenor saxophone [click here to see more vinyl featuring Dexter Gordon]

Donald Byrd - trumpet (A1-2) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Donald Byrd]

Kenny Drew – piano [click here to see more vinyl featuring Kenny Drew]

Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – bass [click here to see more vinyl featuring Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen]

Art Taylor - drums [Click here to see more vinyl featuring Art Taylor]

Written by Donald Byrd (A1), Kenny Drew (B1), Eddie Delange (B2), Jimmy Van Heusen (B2)


1 LP, standard sleeve

Limited numered edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press :  RTI

Label :  Cisco Music

Original label : Blue Note

Recorded at CBS Studios, Paris on June 2, 1964

Engineered by Jacques Lubin

Produced by Joe Harley

Mastered at AcousTech Mastering

Originally released in 1964

Reissued in 2007


Tracks :

Side A

  1. Tanya

Side B

  1. Coppin' The Haven
  2. Darn That Dream



Rated a 'Best Audiophile Label Recording' in the November 2009 issue of The Absolute Sound! 


Reviews :

“Dexter Gordon is joined by Donald Byrd, Kenny Drew, Niels-Henning Orsted and Art Taylor for this set of three delicious tunes. The album's centerpieces are two extended compositions, Donald Byrd's "Tanya" and Kenny Drew's "Coppin' The Haven".

"Cisco Music's vinyl reissue sounds intensely immediate, natural, and palpably "there." Taylor's drums are upfront and relentlessly insistent; Gordon's sax has a wispy, throaty, reverb-encased sound; Pedersen's bass lays deep, earthy, yet elastic roots; Drew's piano is solid yet impressionistic, and Byrd's trumpet is all spit-polished, warm brass. Hands-down, one of the audiophile label's finest efforts."” Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, January 2008

"When he expatriated to Scandinavia just before this session in Paris was recorded, Dexter Gordon said he was liberated in many ways, as a jazz musician and as a human being. This is reflected in the lengthy track on this album, a testament to that newly found freedom, addressing the restrictions the American music scene placed on artists to do the two- to three-minute hit. With the nearly 18-minute "Tanya" and the 11-minute "Coppin' the Haven," Gordon and his quintet, featuring trumpeter Donald Byrd, were able to jam at length with no thought of being edited, and they fully prolong their instrumental remarks in a way few other musicians -- jazz or otherwise -- would allow themselves. Yes, it would be difficult to hear these tracks on the radio, but the tradeoff was a listening experience for their fans that would also showcase a rare commodity in the lexicon of their style of post-bop mainstream jazz -- consistency. The simple, sweet, and lightly swinging "Tanya" has become a classic song, and it is a staple in most saxophonists' diets, even though the supportive chord structures from pianist Kenny Drew and Byrd's up-front brass are more attractive or noticeable than Gordon's bluesy tenor. Memorable for many reasons, Drew's brilliant composition "Coppin' the Haven" is textbook modern jazz, a modal minor-key delight as Byrd again dominates with a shining, gliding melody tacked on to an easy swing that exemplifies the song form for jazz in its best sense. Gordon steps up apart from the trumpeter on the great ballad "Darn That Dream," and is at his best, wringing every regretful emotion out of his horn as only he can. The CD version contains the bonus track "Kong Neptune" sans Byrd, a good swinger that cops from no other influences, merging the mythical strengths of the two creatures in its title via Gordon's muscular, lithe, and athletic on-land and at-sea horn. At around 47 substantive minutes of music, One Flight Up stands as a testament to Dexter Gordon's viability as a bandleader and teammate, while his individualism is somewhat sublimated. It's a good listen to digest all the way through, especially if you are as patient as the performers, who have a lot to say." AllMusic Review by Michael G. Nastos



AllMusic 3.5 / 5 ; Discogs 4.68 / 5 ; TAS : 4/5 Music, 4/5 Sonics 

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