Diana Krall – The look of love (2LP, 45RPM)
Diana Krall – The look of love (2LP, 45RPM)
Diana Krall – The look of love (2LP, 45RPM)
Diana Krall – The look of love (2LP, 45RPM)
Diana Krall – The look of love (2LP, 45RPM)
Diana Krall – The look of love (2LP, 45RPM)

Diana Krall – The look of love (2LP, 45RPM)

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Diana Krall - piano & vocals [click here to see more vinyl featuring Diana Krall]

Drums – Jeff Hamilton (A1, A3, B2), Peter Erskine (A2, B1, C1-D2)

Guitar – Dori Caymmi (A1), John Pisano (A3, B2), Romero Lubambo (C2, D1), Russell Malone (A2, B1, C1, C3, D2)

Percussion – Luis Conte (C2, D1), Paulinho Da Costa (A1, A3, B2)

Bass – Christian McBride

London Symphony Orchestra

Los Angeles Session Orchestra

Claus Ogerman - arranger & conductor


2 LPs, Deluxe Laminated Gatefold Jacket

Limited numbered edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : Black

Speed : 45 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : GZ Digital Media

Label :  Original Recordings Group

Original Label : Verve

Recorded in 1982 in New York City at The Power Station, Greene Street Studio, and Right Track Studio

Recorded and mixed by Al Schmitt

Produced by Tommy LiPuma

Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Originally released in 2001

Reissued in 2008


Side A:

  1. S' Wonderful
  2. Love Letters
  3. I Remember You

Side B:

  1. Cry Me A River
  2. Besame Mucho

Side C:

  1. The Night We Called It A Day
  2. Dancing In The Dark
  3. I Get Along Without You Very Well

Side D:

  1. The Look Of Love
  2. Maybe You'll Be There
  3. I Should Care



Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) for the song The Look of Love


“Diana Krall has a good voice and plays decent piano, but this somewhat ridiculously packaged Verve CD seems like an obvious attempt to turn her into a pop icon, and sex symbol to boot. The bland arrangements by Claus Ogerman (who conducts the London Symphony Orchestra or the Los Angeles Session Orchestra on each track) border on easy listening, while Krall and her various supporting musicians, including John Pisano, Russell Malone, Christian McBride, and Peter Erskine (among others), clearly seem stifled by their respective roles. There are plenty of strong compositions here, including standards like "I Remember You," "The Night We Called It a Day," and "I Get Along Without You Very Well," but the unimaginative and often syrupy charts take their toll on the performances. What is even sillier is the label's insistence on attempting to photograph the artist in various sultry poses, which she evidently wants to discourage by refusing to provide much of a smile (the rumor is that she's not happy with this part of the business at all). If you are looking for unchallenging background music, this will fit the bill, but jazz fans are advised to check out Krall's earlier releases instead.” AllMusic Review by Ken Dryden

"Lush strings and gliding flutes surround Diana Krall's tender vocals. Even her substantial piano interludes take on the appearance of drifting mists, through the mix of orchestral timbres. With an emphasis on her sultry vocal interpretations, the latest album reaches out to a broad, popular music audience. Nothing wrong with that. It's just that jazz fans usually want the improvised licks along with their melodies... By interpreting classic love songs, Krall's latest album turns toward romantic interests. The clutter of a large string orchestra, however, obscures the total picture." Jim Santella, All About Jazz

"The songs, including Burt Bacharach's title tune, are superb. The arrangements and performances enhance them. Krall's singing has improved with her every album. It is at a high level. If her record company can make her a major star with albums this good, and if it doesn't push her piano further into the background, serious listeners should have no complaint".[8] A reviewer of Cosmopolis noted, "With her new album The Look of Love, Diana Krall confirms her exceptional status as a jazz singer. Her new CD is a touch too polished, too clean, but never kitsch, as one might have feared, since the album was recorded together with the London Symphony Orchestra. But the special, sometimes rough-edged character of her previous recordings is missing." Doug Ramsey, Jazz Times

Ratings :

AllMusic : 3 / 5 , Discogs : 4.58 / 5

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