Eric Bibb – Friends (2LP)

Eric Bibb – Friends (2LP)

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Eric Bibb - Twelve-String Guitar (A1, A3, B1-4, C1, C3-4, D3-4), Electric Guitar (A2, B1), Vocals (A1-3, B1-4, C1-4, D1, D4)

Vocals – Guy Davis (A1), Taj Mahal (A3), Ruthie Foster (B2), Odetta (B4), Kristina Olsen (C2), Michael Jerome Browne (D1)

Guy Davis - Twelve-String Guitar (A1), Harmonica (A1)

Guitar – Taj Mahal (A3, D3)

Banjo – Taj Mahal (D3)

Bass - Leon C. (A2, B1-2, C4, D1, D3)

Bass Drum – Leon C. (C1)

Percussion - Leon C. (A2, B1, B4, D3)

Drums – Pete Thompson (A2)

Harmonica – Charlie Musselwhite (A2)

Percussion, Loops – Levi B. Saunders (B1)

Additional Drum Loops – Levi B. Saunders (A2)

Fiddle – Michael Jerome Browne (A3)

String West African Harp-Lute – Mamadou Diabate (B1)

Percussion [Brushes On Gig Box] – Cyd Cassone (B2)

Piano – Janne Petersson (B2)

Guitar, Slide Guitar – Martin Simpson (B3)

Banjo – Levi B. Saunders (B4)

String Bass]– Bill Lee (B4)

Tabla – Kuljit (C1)

Mohan Veena – Harry Manx (C1)

Concertina – Kristina Olsen (C2)

Mandola, Slide Guitar – Michael Jerome Browne (C3)

Accordion – Janne Petersson (C4)

Atmospheric Keyboards – Rob Hewes (C4)

Slide Guitar – Thomas Slaymaker (C4)

Violin, Mandolin – Byron Myhre (C4)

Snare [Snare Drum], Drums [HiHat] – Pete Thompson (D1)

Twelve-String Guitar, Vocals – Michael Jerome Browne (D1)

Drums [HiHat] – Pete Thompson (D2)

Soloist, Ukulele [Electric Ukulele] – Led Ka'apana (D2)

Guitar – Djelimady Tounkara (D3)

Piano – Jerry Yester (D4)

Arranged by Bronze (A1), Eric Bibb (A1, C1), Davis (A1)

Written by Eric Bibb (A2, B2, B4, C3, D3-4), Rev. E. W. Clayborn (A1), Bronze (A2), Davis (A2), James Oden (A3), Taj Mahal (B1), Guy Clark (B3), Jim Janosky (B3), Susanna Clark (B3), Odetta F.Gordon (B4), Kristina Olsen (C2), Tom Phillips (C4), B. Markus (D1), M.J. Browne (D1)

C1 is a traditional song


2 LP, gatefold sleeve

Limited edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Pallas

Label : Pure Pleasure

Original Label : DixieFrog

Mixed by Leon C.

Produced by Leon C. (A1) and Eric Bibb (A2 to D4)

Originally released in August 2004 (as a CD)

Reissued in October 2010


Side A:

  1. 99 1/2 Won't Do (feat. Guy Davis)
  2. Six O'Clock Blues (feat. Charlie Musselwhite)
  3. Goin' Down Slow (feat. Taj Mahal)

Side B:

  1. Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes (feat. Mamadou Diabate)
  2. For You (feat. Ruthie Foster)
  3. The Cape (feat. Martin Simpson)
  4. 'Tain't Such A Much (feat. Odetta)

Side C:

  1. Needed Time (feat. Harry Manx)
  2. If I Stayed (feat. Kristine Olsen)
  3. Connected
  4. Ribbons and Bows

Side D:

  1. Just Look Up
  2. Cowgirl Queen
  3. Kulanjan/Sebastian's Tune (feat. Taj Mahal, Djelimady Tounkara)
  4. Dance Me To The End Of Love (feat. Jerry Lester)



“Friends is the accurate and revealing title for New York bluesman Eric Bibb's tenth album since 1997. There are 15 cuts here, each of them featuring rootsy folk and blues collaborations with different "friends" in differing small group settings. The set starts with a killer acoustic slide duet between Bibb and Guy Davis on the nugget "99 ½ Won't Do." The contrast between Davis' sweet and smoky delivery and Bibb's husky wail -- akin to Blind Willie Johnson's in places -- offers a double-sided dimension in interpretation for the listener, as well. Elsewhere, Charlie Musselwhite gives a killer snaky harmonica performance on "Six O' Clock Blues." Taj Mahal makes two appearances; one in a duet on "Goin' Down Slow," and one in a trio with Bibb and Malian guitarist Djelimady Tounkara on a medley of the traditional "Kulanjan" and Bibb's own "Sebastian's Tune." Speaking of Mali, and Mahal, Bibb also covers the elder bluesman's classic "Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes," with the great kora player Mamadou Diabate that rivals the original. There's also a gorgeous version of Guy and Susanna Clark's "The Cape," with guitarist Martin Simpson, Bibb's moving "For You" with Ruthie Foster, and "Tain't No Such Thing," a bright new folk song written and sung with legendary folksinger Odetta. Mohan Veena ace Harry Manx performs with Bibb on the high lonesome, droning blues of "Needed Time," and with Kristina Olsen on her "If I Stayed." The set closes with the tender "Dance Me to the End of Love," (an original, not the Leonard Cohen tune) with the Lovin' Spoonful's Jerry Yester playing piano. In addition to the many performers on this collection, there are 15 different engineers! Given that most records of this type are mixed bags at best, with "star-studded" collabs serving to muck up or water down rather than enhance performances, Friends is an anomaly. There is nothing that's obvious or overblown here, everything is subtly shaded, and the performers serve the songs and not themselves. The listener gets no sense of back-patting or self-congratulation, only the great pleasure of hearing this music in a revealing, emotionally honest way. Bravo.”  AllMusic Review by Thom Jurek

"Combine the talents of folk-blues star Eric Bibb with a host of accomplished musical friends and you have the makings of a significant album… Friends also has wonderful sonics. There's space aplenty, along with tone and timbre that sound real. Most of all, though, there is a sense of presence, the feeling of actually being in the company of the musicians." - John Crossett, The Audio Beat


AllMusic : 4 / 5  ;  Discogs : 4.41 / 5 ; The Audio Beat : 4/5 Music, 4.5/5 Sound

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