Fatlip - The Loneliest Punk (Black vinyl)
Fatlip - The Loneliest Punk (Black vinyl)
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Fatlip - The Loneliest Punk (Black vinyl)
Fatlip - The Loneliest Punk (Black vinyl)

Fatlip - The Loneliest Punk (Black vinyl)

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Lead vocals and rapping : Fatlip

Additional vocals and rapping : Chali 2na, Shock G, Volume 10


1 LP, standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press :  Pallas

Label :  ORG Music

Original Label : Delicious Vinyl

Recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders in 1999

Engineered by Dylan Dresdow

Mixed by Dylan Dresdow (A2, A7, A8, B1), Mike Floss (A2, A7, A8, B1)

Produced by Edy Crahp (A1, B2-8), J-Swift (A7, A8, B1), Mark the 45 King (A4, A8, B2)

Remastered by Precision Mastering

Originally released in 2005

Reissued in 2019


Tracks :

Side A:

1. Fat Leezy
2. First Heat
3. Today’s Your Day (Whachagonedu?)
4. Freestyle
5. Joe’s Turkey
6. I Got The Shit
7. Writer’s Block
8. The Story Of Us

Side B:

1. Cook
2. Walkabout
3. All On Fly
4. Lyrical Styles
5. Freaky Pumps
6. He’s An Outsider
7. What’s Up Fatlip?
8. Dreams


Reviews :

"It took roughly a decade for Fatlip to make his solo debut, but the generation shift (or two) aside, The Loneliest Punk is indeed an enjoyable album, regardless of how out-of-time it seems. The onetime Pharcyde member retains everything dazzling about that group before it lost its dazzle in the wake of Labcabincalifornia, most notably a goofy demeanor spelled out in rambling rhymes that skip along carnival-esque productions. It's puzzling why Fatlip disappeared for so long, releasing the promising What's Up Fatlip? single way back in 2000 and nothing -- nothing! -- until this album's 2005 release (the single does appear here, oddly enough). In any event, there's not much gain in solving that "What was up, Fatlip?" puzzle. The man seems to revel in riddle. Better to just enjoy the music at hand, for it plays like a mid-'90s alt-rap time capsule. Yes, a resurrection of the classic Delicious Vinyl aesthetic in the age of crunk -- that alone is reason enough to celebrate the return of Fatlip. Granted, The Loneliest Punk isn't the long-lost masterpiece some longtime fans may have hoped for, given its over-long running time and abundance of skits, some of which are funny, others not so funny. But it's still a relatively impressive album and should prove mighty enjoyable for anyone who believes the singular Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde was one of the best hip-hop albums of the '90s (or of any decade, for that matter)." AllMusic Review by Jason Birchmeier


Ratings :

AllMusic 4/5  ,  Discogs 4.21/5

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