George Benson - Irreplaceable - AudioSoundMusic
George Benson - Irreplaceable - AudioSoundMusic
George Benson - Irreplaceable - AudioSoundMusic
George Benson - Irreplaceable - AudioSoundMusic

George Benson - Irreplaceable

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George Benson - Electric Guitar (A1, A3, B2), Lead Guitar (A2, A5, B3, B5), Lead Vocals (all tracks), Backing Vocals (A1-4, B1-4) [click here to see more vinyl featuring George Benson]

Lead Vocals – Chyna (A1), Nakiea (A3), Shoshannah (A4), Andrea Simmons (B1)

Backing Vocals – Terry Carpenter (A1, A3), Phillip "Silky" White (A1, A3, A5), Hasan Smith (A2, B2), Randy Beasley (A3), Joe Thomas (A4, B1), Richard Bona (A5), Andrea Simmons (B1), Sean Albright (B3), Lisa Fischer (B3), Carlos Ricketts (B4-5), John Fiore (B4)

Acoustic Guitar – Joshau P. Thompson (A1-5, B1-2, B5), Bobby Douglas (B4)

Electric Guitar – Joe Thomas (A4), George Waddenius (B3)

Rhythm Guitar – George Waddenius (A2)

Strings – Joshua P. Thompson (B2)

Keyboards – Joshau P. Thompson (A1, A3, A5), Joe Thomas (A4), Bobby Douglas (B1-2, B4)

Bass Synth – Joshau P. Thompson (A3)

Electric Piano – Bill Blast (A2)

Organ – Melvin Davis (A2)

Bass – Joshau P. Thompson (A1), Richard Bona (A2, A4 to B5)

Percussion – Richard Bona (A4, B3)

Drum Programming – Joshau P. Thompson (A1, A3), Pic Conley (A1, A3, A5, B1, B3), Hakim Bell (A2), Joe Thomas (A4), Ali Jackson (B2, B4-5)

Finger Snaps – Mike Hobbs (A1)

Flute – Pic Conley (B2)

Harmonica – Gregoire Maret (B3)

Cymbal – Ali Jackson (B4)

Hihat – Ali Jackson (B5)

Vocal arranged by Joshau P. Thompson (A1-3, A5, B1-3, B5), Terry Carpenter (A1), Phillip "Silky" White (A1, A3, A5), Hasan Smith (A2), Joe Thomas (A4, B1), Richard Bona (A5), Lisa Fischer (B3), Carlos Ricketts (B4-5)

Written by John Fiore (A1, A3, A5, B1), Joshua P. Thompson (A1-5, B2-5), Mike Clark (A1, A3-4), Hakim Bell (A2), Hasan Smith (A2, B2), Tony J. Gilmore (A2), William Irving (A2), Joe Thomas (A4, B2, B4-5), Allan Rich (A5), Phillip White (A5), Randy Beasley (B1), Stephanie Thompson (B1), Olivia Longott (B3), Quincy Patrick (B3-4), Scott Andrews (B4), Warren Wilson (B4), Bob Robinson (B5), Tim Kelly (B5)


    1LP, Gatefold jacket

    Original analog Master tape : YES

    Heavy Press : 180g

    Record color : Black

    Speed : 33RPM

    Size : 12'’



    Record Press : unspecified

    Label : Trading Places

    Original label : GRP Records

      Recorded and mixed by John Roper at Tallest Tree Studios, West Orange, New Jersey

      Produced by Joshua Paul Thompson, William Irving (A2), Hakim Bell (A2), Joe Thomas (A4)

      Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, New York

      Lacquer cutting by SST Bruggemann GmbH in Germany

      Photography by Kwaku Alston and David Allan Brandt (cover)

      Art Direction by Hollis King

      Design by Rika Ichiki

      Originally released in 2003 (as a CD) and in 2015 (as an LP)

      Reissued in May 2023


      Tracks :

      Side A:

      1. Six Play
      2. Whole Man
      3. Irreplaceable
      4. Loving Is Better Than Leaving
      5. Strings Of Love

      Side B:

      1. Cell Phone
      2. Black Rose
      3. Stairway To Love
      4. Reason For Breathing
      5. Missing You



            Reviews :

            “A few decades ago, when the release of a George Benson album was an event for either jazz guitar or R&B vocal enthusiasts, his projects indeed lived up to the album title he employs here. While the new collection probably won't be an essential part of the Benson enthusiast's library, it's fun to see him trying to stay in the post-millennial urban groove hip with some of the younger generation's top songwriter/producers like Joshua Thompson (who's produced for O-Town, Aretha Franklin, and Babyface) and Joe. Those who wish he'd remember his prowess as a jazz guitarist have to content themselves with its general background capacity behind pleasant romantic vocal textures and easy grooving hip-hop shuffle grooves. Fortunately, Benson's in particularly fine voice, and most of the hooks are catchy from the get go. Conceptually, the best tunes are "Six Play" (which we soon realize is a love song to his six-string) and "Cell Phone," which postulates the idea that God and our late loved ones are accessible by wireless. There are a few stylistic deviations from the basic cool formula here, most notably the gospel-tinged "Whole Man," and the lush, gently exotic, flamenco-flavored soul tune "Strings of Love." The hope is that Benson's collaborations with the hipsters will expose his legendary talents to the kids who might otherwise shy away from the charms of an elder statesman.” AllMusic Review by Jonathan Widran


            AllMusic : 3 / 5 ; Discogs : 3.88 / 5

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