Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)
Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)
Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)
Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)
Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)
Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)
Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)
Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)

Mambo Man Soundtrack (2LP)

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Omara Portuondo : vocal (C3)

Johnny Ventura : vocal (C3)

Afro-Cuban All Stars (A3) : Juan De Marcos Gonzalez (vocal, guitar), Ibrahim Ferrer (vocal), Pio Leiva (vocal), Manuel "Puntillita" Licea (vocal), Raúl Planas (vocal), José Antonio Rodríguez (vocal), Félix Valoy (vocal), Luis Alemany (trumpet), Daniel Ramos (trumpet), Manuel Mirabal (trumpet), Rubén González (piano), Orlando "Cachaito" López (contrabass) Carlos Álvarez et Demetrio Muñiz aux trombones, Javier Zalba (baryton sax), Julienne Oviedo (perc), Carlos González (perc), Alberto Valdés (perc), Carlos Puisseaux (perc)

Feverson (A1)

Eliades Ochoa : vocal, guitar (C4)

David Alvarez  : vocal, guitar (A5, C2, D3)

Candido Fabre : vocal (A4, B2, D4)

Julio Montoro y Alma Latina : vocal, guitar, piano (A2, C1, D1)

Arturo Jorge :  vocal, guitar (B1, B4, B5, C5, C6, D2)


2 LPs, gatefold jacket

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : unspecified

Label : Pure Pleasure Records

Original Label : Tumi

Remastered by Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London

Originally released in 2020

Reissued in December 2021



Side A

  1. A los Soneros
  2. Brisa Mañanera (Mambo Man film version)
  3. Cada Vez Que te Veo
  4. Carretero
  5. Como las Mariposas

Side B

1. De Cauto Cristo a Rio Cauto
2. De Cuba Vengo y Cubano Soy
3. Descarga Cubana
4. Finca Santaelena
5. La Vida

Side C

  1. Maidel Mambo
  2. Mambo Man (also known as Ella es Asi)
  3. Nada de Ti
  4. No Critiques al Nene
  5. Pa Apartar lo Malo
  6. Quiero Cantar Son del Llano

Side D

  1. Romance
  2. Son Para envidiosos
  3. There is still hope
  4. Yo Quiero Gozar


Reviews :

Based on a true story and filmed in the exotic countryside outside Havana, this remarkable and engaging film will move both your spirit and your feet with its unforgettable passion and intoxicating music.

"Directed by Mo Fini and Edesio Alejandro, Mambo Man is a reflection of life in post-Communist Cuba. The central character, J.C. is a local “big shot” who is balancing the unlikely worlds of farming and music promotion. As events unfold, his life and the surrounding community become jeopardized by well-meaning naïveté, and a mysterious encounter. Tumi Music and Pure Pleasure Records has released a double vinyl 180-gram soundtrack of Mambo Man. It features live performances by various legendary Cuban artists. Traditional genres, including Guaracha, Trova and Son are capably represented on this album.

This rhythmic, organic compilation is ear-pleasing. Starting with the horn-infused dance-tempos of the instrumental “A Los Soneros”, a transcendental footprint is developed. In a slower groove, “Brisa Mananero” showcases the terrific vocals of Maria Eliades Ochoa with a sprightly arrangement.With salsa resonance, the Afro-Cuban All-stars sparkle on “Cada Vez Que Te Veo”. This vibe continues on”Carretero”. A heartfelt performance of “Como Las Mariposas” has subtle tempo, but emotional substance. Acoustic-based arrangements resonate equally. “De Cauto Cristo a Rio Cauto” (Arturo Jorge) has mild percussion, spirited chorus and even some whistling. The musicians strong national identity is always represented, especially in “De Cuba Vengo y Cubano Soy”. A string addition to the guitars is a nice touch. The relentless joy of the music shines on “Descarga Cubana”, with some nice fiddle, flute and horn work. The sequencing of the music is effective and the mood is rarely interrupted.

For those with an affinity for the titular musical genre, “Maidel Mambo” is tightly cohesive with piano/percussion anchoring this jam, and alternating piercing/sultry horn choruses.The title track is evocative of the film’s narrative and has pronounced string accents, an ethereal piano and march-time drum. In a change of pace, “Nada De Ti” has a dreamy slow-dance vibe and a shared vocal. The folk charm of Cuban music permeates the subtly buoyant instrumental “No Critiques El Nene”. Arturo Jorge returns for a pair of songs, “Pa Apart lo Malo” and “Quiero Cantar Son del Llano”. In a gentle swaying jazzy number, “Romance” resonates with gossamer sentiment. The mood shifts back to party atmosphere on “Son Para Envidosos”. In what sounds like a classical music homage (“There Is Still Hope”), the plaintive solo piano establishes a melody that is filled in by orchestra. It becomes sweeping and cinematic. The finale “Yo Quiero Gozar” is as advertised for the listener.

Mambo Man – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is an historical cultural document. All of the flavours of Cuban music are expressed with celebration and reverence. While viewing the film provides narrative context, the songs are viscerally enjoyable by themselves." Audiophile Audition by Robbie Gerson, August 2021


“There is rather the mature and conscious gaze of two authors who want to represent Cuba, and the story of the protagonist, with truth and love. With this awareness, each shot conveys a charm superior to that of a good staging. This film, made with passion, penetrates the audience to the rhythm of music and tells us about a whole, small, precious universe, absorbing its beauty and misery. “Mambo Man” is a bit like Cuba: beautiful, kind and melancholic.” J.B. Spins, Joe Bendel

“It’s a dynamic, colourful film, with bustling markets, lively clubs, friendly outdoor cafes, and—best of all—a remarkable soundtrack of classic Cuban music, which is a focal point of the film.”



Audiophile Audition : 4.5 / 5

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