Installation Services

Installation Services


On customer's site installation and set-up 
within European Union


If you buy the optional installation service, one of our team members will take an appointment with you to install the product you have ordered and make sure it is properly set-up.


How does it work ?

1/ you order a product for which we propose an optional installation service

2/ you add the installation service to your order and pay the order

3/ we get in touch with you to plan the installation (after product delivery)

4/ we install and set-up your product


The installation service is performed at the delivery address of the related product .

We have two different prices depending on the installation location : one price for France and one price within European Union (outside France). We do not offer installation service outside the European Union.


Be aware :

  • for the products mentionning "installation included" the installation services are included in the product base price,
  • installation services are NOT available for all products but ONLY for the products for which it is mentionned "installation included" or "installation optional" on the product page
  • installation services can only be ordered as part of an order including products for which installation services are optional ; we are not selling installation services separately from the products sold by

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