Joni Mitchell – Blue (2LP, 45 RPM, Box, 1STEP, SuperVinyl)
Joni Mitchell – Blue (2LP, 45 RPM, Box, 1STEP, SuperVinyl)
Joni Mitchell – Blue (2LP, 45 RPM, Box, 1STEP, SuperVinyl)
Joni Mitchell – Blue (2LP, 45 RPM, Box, 1STEP, SuperVinyl)

Joni Mitchell – Blue (2LP, 45 RPM, Box, 1STEP, SuperVinyl)

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Joni Mitchell – Appalachian dulcimer, guitar, piano & vocals [click here to see more vinyl featuring Joni Mitchell]

James Taylor – guitar (A1, B2, C1, D1) [click here to see more vinyl featuring James Taylor]

Russ Kunkel – drums (B2, C1, D1)

Stephen Stills – bass and guitar (B2)

Sneaky Pete Kleinow – pedal steel guitar (C1-2)

Written by Joni Mitchell


2LPs, Box

Numbered limited edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

UD1S (UltraDisc One-Step)

Heavy Press : 180g SuperVinyl

Record color : black

Speed : 45 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Record Technology Incorporated

Label : Mobile Fidelity

Original Label : Reprise

Recorded in 1971 at A&M, Hollywood, California

Engineered by Henry Lewy

Produced by Joni Mitchell

Reissue produced and mastered by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

Cover photography by Tim Considine

Originally released in June 1971

Reissued in 2023



Side A:

  1. All I Want
  2. My Old Man

Side B:

  1. Little Green
  2. Carey
  3. Blue

Side C:

  1. California
  2. This Flight Tonight
  3. River

Side D:

  1. A Case of You
  2. The Last Time I Saw Richard


Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – Ranked 3 / 500

Included in the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die



“Sad, spare, and beautiful, Blue is the quintessential confessional singer/songwriter album. Forthright and poetic, Joni Mitchell's songs are raw nerves, tales of love and loss (two words with relative meaning here) etched with stunning complexity; even tracks like "All I Want," "My Old Man," and "Carey" -- the brightest, most hopeful moments on the record -- are darkened by bittersweet moments of sorrow and loneliness. At the same time that songs like "Little Green" (about a child given up for adoption) and the title cut (a hymn to salvation supposedly penned for James Taylor) raise the stakes of confessional folk-pop to new levels of honesty and openness, Mitchell's music moves beyond the constraints of acoustic folk into more intricate and diverse territory, setting the stage for the experimentation of her later work. Unrivaled in its intensity and insight, Blue remains a watershed.” AllMusic Review by Jason Ankeny


UltraDisc One-Step : Instead of utilizing the industry-standard three-step lacquer process, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's new UltraDisc One-Step (UD1S) uses only one step, bypassing two processes of generational loss. While three-step processing is designed for optimum yield and efficiency, UD1S is created for the ultimate in sound quality. Just as Mobile Fidelity pioneered the UHQR (Ultra High-Quality Record) with JVC in the 1980s, UD1S again represents another state-of-the-art advance in the record-manufacturing process. MFSL engineers begin with the original master tapes and meticulously cut a set of lacquers. These lacquers are used to create a very fragile, pristine UD1S stamper called a "convert." Delicate "converts" are then formed into the actual record stampers, producing a final product that literally and figuratively brings you closer to the music. By skipping the additional steps of pulling another positive and an additional negative, as done in the three-step process used in standard pressings, UD1S produces a final LP with the lowest noise floor possible today. The removal of the additional two steps of generational loss in the plating process reveals tremendous amounts of extra musical detail and dynamics, which are otherwise lost due to the standard copying process. The exclusive nature of these very limited pressings guarantees that every UD1S pressing serves as an immaculate replica of the lacquer sourced directly from the original master tape. Every conceivable aspect of vinyl production is optimized to produce the most perfect record album available today.


Ratings :

AllMusic : 5 / 5 ; Discogs : 4.49 / 5

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