Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
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Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)
Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)

Leroy Jodie Pierson (D2D)

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Leroy Jodie Pierson - Guitar, Vocals


1 LP, standard sleeve

Direct-to-Disc recording

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press : RTI

Label : APO Records

Original Label : APO Records

Recorded at Blue Heaven Studios, Salina, Kansas in October, 2004

Engineered by Katsuhiko Naito

Produced by Chad Kassem

Mastered by Kevin Gray

Released in 2005



Side A :

  1. Guitar Rag
  2. Highway 61
  3. Closer Walk With Thee


Side B :

  1. Love In Vain
  2. Drunkin' Spree
  3. No Feelings For Other Folks


          Reviews :

          "This one, by St. Louis based National ResoLectric steel guitar slide wiz Leroy Jodie Pierson will bowl you over more for the musical performance than the sound, but that's how it should be. Not that the sound is bad. In fact it is very good: immediate, direct and pure...there is still that immediacy and purity only D2D can provide and Mr. Pierson's playing and to a lesser degree his vocalizing make up for whatever sonic magic may be lacking in the actual recording." - Michael Fremer, musicangle.com

          "This is one of my top three blues albums of all time. And that's saying a lot. I have been a blues lover for decades and a blues reviewer for years. If I ever wind up on that proverbial desert island, this is one disc that I want to have on hand (assuming that there's more than a wind-up 78 rpm Victrola to play it on!)...This LP captures Leroy Jodie Pierson's performance perfectly in terms of immediacy, dynamics, transparency, and purity. While sitting in my dedicated listening room, I can close my eyes and easily imagine that I am back in that church in Salina watching a consummate master at work. When you put this record on your own turntable and close your eyes, you can easily imagine yourself being transported to the vicinity of a back porch in the late thirties, listening to a spirited, heartfelt, and expressive performance by one of the top bluesmen of the era. Except you're not. You're listening to a spirited, heartfelt and expressive performance by one of the top bluesmen of our era, who simply sounds like he's been transported directly from ages past...I can't recommend this release from Analogue Productions Original highly enough. Please buy this record and help to support Chad Kassem and his efforts to make lesser recognized but eminently worthy blues artists known to the world." Dave Glackin, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 20

          "Though once a staple of audiophile labels, no one really bothers with direct-to-disc anymore, except for Chad Kassem, the iconoclastic head of Acoustic Sounds. His Analogue Productions Originals label has just released two direct-to-disc blues recordings...Both records are excellent sounding, the Williams/Hoggard particularly so. Direct-to-disc yields intensely silent and immediate-sounding LPs. The clarity and natural tonal balance on both is super, and guitarists will love the details - slides, pull-offs, bends, and double-stops - that both records reveal." - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2005, Issue 154

          "On Saturday afternoon Kevin captured the great Leroy Jodie Pierson in a 'studio' session direct-to-disc, followed later that day by Arthur Williams and Jesse Hoggard...They captured the excitement and unique atmosphere of this very special event perfectly and you'll be in for an aural treat when you buy them." - Richard Foster, Hi-Fi+, Issue 38


          Direct-to-disc (D2D) recording refers to sound recording methods that record audio directly onto analog disc masters bypassing steps as master tapes, overdubs, and mix downs from multi-tracked masters. This approach avoids problems of analog recording tape such as tape hiss (high frequency noise).



          Discogs : 4 / 5 ,  Positive Feedback Online : Sound = 10/10; Performance = 10/10; Music = 10/10 , 

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