Lori Lieberman - Bend Like Steel (200g)
Lori Lieberman - Bend Like Steel (200g)
Lori Lieberman - Bend Like Steel (200g)
Lori Lieberman - Bend Like Steel (200g)

Lori Lieberman - Bend Like Steel (200g)

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Lori Lieberman - acoustic guitar, piano, vocals [click here to see more vinyl featuring Lori Lieberman]

Stefanie Fife - cello

Eugene Ruffolo - acoustic guitar, background vocals

Monty Byrom - vocals (A2)

Trey Henry, acoustic bass

Brian Kilgore, percussion

Lyle Workman, electric guitars


1 LP, standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 200g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Quality Record Pressings

Label : Analogue Productions

Original Label : Drive on Records

Engineered and mixed by Joseph Cali

Produced by Lori Lieberman and Joseph Cali

Mastered by Lurssens Mastering Inc.

Originally released in 2011



Side A :

  1. If Not Now
  2. Mr and Mrs Make-Believe (feat. Monty Byrom)
  3. Cup of Girl
  4. Bend Like Steel
  5. Cecilia

Side B:

  1. For More
  2. My Sister's Boyfriend
  3. Steady Heart
  4. These Things
  5. Netherlands
  6. There's A Harbor



    "...this set, though delicate as gossamer, is heart-ripped-open raw. Closely mic'd to perfection, the anguished interpretation of Simon and Garfunkel's normally jolly 'Cecilia' will turn your head around." Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News

    "I have conducted many A+B comparisons over the years as one of the founders of the late Cello Music and Film with Mark Levinson, and now as a professional recording engineer I spend a great deal of time comparing tracks, mixes and fine tuning mastered material. Recently we decided to release two collections of Lori Lieberman's on vinyl and ordered Test Pressings from another source. When you told me about QRP I was very interested and excited to have our material pressed at your remarkable facility. But I had no idea what a dramatic difference could be made by just the pressing technique. Both sets of lacquers were prepared by Kevin Gray so all conditions were equal. The depth of the stage, clarity and detail of our mixes, and in particular the air surrounding Lori's voice, representative of what I hear in our studio was remarkable. This was not subtle. The material lives as pressed by QRP. You would have thought I changed phono cartridges, turntables or phono preamp. Congratulations. Your pressing plant is the finest anywhere and we will continue to only press Lori's albums exclusively with QRP. I can't wait till we have the opportunity to do a Direct To Disc and press those at QRP." Joseph Cali, Recording Engineer of Lori Lieberman's Bend Like Steel and Gun Metal Sky


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