Major Handy (D2D)
Major Handy (D2D)
Major Handy (D2D)
Major Handy (D2D)
Major Handy (D2D)
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Major Handy (D2D)
Major Handy (D2D)
Major Handy (D2D)
Major Handy (D2D)
Major Handy (D2D)

Major Handy (D2D)

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Vocals, Accordion – Major Handy

Bass – John Frederick

Drums – Johnny Rees

Guitar – Eugene Alfred

Harmonica – Lazy Lester

Piano – Tony Lee


1 LP, standard sleeve

Direct-to-Disc recording

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press : RTI

Label : APO Records

Original Label : APO Records

Recorded at Blue Heaven Studios, Salina, Kansas

Engineered by Katsuhiko Naito

Produced by Chad Kassem

Mastered by Kevin Gray

Released in 2010



Side A :

  1. Jalapeno Cornbread
  2. Bad Luck And Trouble
  3. Well I Done Got Over It


Side B :

  1. Zydeco Feeling
  2. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu
  3. Lost My Baby


                Reviews :

                "...Chad Kassem's crew has captured the swing and the feel of the genre, while showcasing an instrument that's key to Zydeco but hardly an audiophile staple: the accordion. This six-track set is as undiluted as it gets, and it just might make you a convert." - Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, September 2010

                "...That this music is getting recorded and released is by itself a good thing, but the fact that it comes out on audiophile vinyl is a whole lot of icing on the cake. As for the sound, this was analog like I remembered it (minus the hiss, wow, and flutter), with a warm, in-the-room feel from the drums, bass, and acoustic piano and a rich, full sound from acoustic guitars." - Jeff Wilson, The Absolute Sound, April/May 2010


                Direct-to-disc (D2D) recording refers to sound recording methods that record audio directly onto analog disc masters bypassing steps as master tapes, overdubs, and mix downs from multi-tracked masters. This approach avoids problems of analog recording tape such as tape hiss (high frequency noise).



                Discogs : 4.33 / 5 , Hi-Fi News : Sound Quality Rating: 87%

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