Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)
Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)

Murray Head - Nigel Lived (2LP, 45RPM)

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Murray Head – acoustic guitar, vocals

Mark Warner – acoustic, electric and slide guitar

Dave Wintour – bass guitar

Peter Giles – bass guitar

Phil Chen – bass guitar

Clive Chaman – bass guitar, horn

Spike Heatley – double bass

Peter Robinson – organ, piano, Clavinet

Fiachra Trench – piano, pipe organ, conductor

John Donnelly – trumpet, flugelhorn, horn

Nick DeCaro – accordion, horn and string arrangements

James Harpham – contrabass

Tony Coe – clarinet, saxophone

Jimmy Chester – clarinet, oboe, baritone saxophone

Tommy Coe – clarinet, saxophone

Jimmy Hastings – clarinet, saxophone

Tommy Whittle – clarinet, saxophone

Chris Mercer – baritone, tenor and toy saxophone

Henry Lowther – trumpet, horn

David Chapman – trombone

Martin Fry – tuba, horn

Ralph Ho – horn

Michael Giles – drums, percussion

Cozy Powell – drums

Miguel Baradas – steel drums

Ray Cooper – percussion

Frank Ricotti – percussion, conga, marimba

Barry DeSouza – conga, drums

Glen LeFleur – drums

Chris Karan – tabla

Sue Glover – vocals

Sunny Leslie – vocals

Friendly Sisters – backing vocals

Kay Garner – backing vocals

Sue Garner – backing vocals

Skaila Kanga – harmonica, electric harp

Christopher Neil – harmonica

Graham Preskett – mandolin, electric violin

Michael Rennie – strings, violin

Jack Rothstein – violin



1 LP, "Old-Style" Gatefold Jacket + Authentic 8-Page Book Printed By Stoughton

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g Ultra-Quiet Vinyl

Record color : black

Speed : 45 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : RTI

Label : Intervention Records

Original Label : CBS

Recorded 25 June – 30 July 1972 in London

Engineered by Phill Brown

Produced by Joseph Wissert

Mastered by Kevin Gray At CoHEARent Audio

Originally released in 1973

Reissued in 2017



LP 1 (Success):

Side A:

  1. Pacing On The Station
  2. Big City
  3. Bed & Breakfast

Side B:

  1. The Party
  2. Ruthie
  3. City Scurry
  4. When You Wake Up In The Morning


LP 2 (Failure):

Side C:

  1. Why Do We Have To Hurt Our Heads?
  2. Pity The Poor Consumer
  3. Dole
  4. Nigel, Nigel
  5. Miss Illusion

Side D:

  1. Religion
  2. Junk


Awards :

TAS Super LP List! Special Merit: Informal


Reviews :

« Recorded in the summer of 1972 and released the following year, Nigel Lived is Murray Head's first solo LP. A rarity for this singer, it takes the form of a concept album. A songwriter found the diary of a stranger and wrote songs out of some fragments. The booklet reproduces pages of the fake diary along with the lyrics, weaving a believable fiction that helps in distancing or objectifying the autobiographical nature of the songs. They are split between the "success" and "failure" sides of the LP and tell the story of an artist (actor? singer? -- both would apply to Head) who leaves his small hometown, comes to the "big city" to make it, and, after an initial encouraging period, watches his life fall apart. Head is surrounded by an impressive cast of session musicians from folk, rock, and jazz realms, including Caravan flutist Jimmy Hastings, jazz clarinetist Tony Coe, and original King Crimson drummer Michael Giles. The whole album seems to foretell Chris DeBurgh's Spanish Train and Other Stories, especially because of the daring arrangements (a Gregorian choir and a steel drums ensemble in "Religion"). Other comparisons would include Shawn Phillips and Cat Stevens' records around the same time. Head still had to write a memorable song like "Say It Ain't So, Joe," but despite the lack of shining moments, Nigel Lived makes a solid and surprisingly uncompromising album. And "Junk" is the longest, weirdest song this singer ever recorded. » AllMusic Review by François Couture


Ratings :

AllMusic : 4.5 / 5 , Discogs : 4.57 / 5

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