NASOTEC Headshell Alignment Block
NASOTEC Headshell Alignment Block
NASOTEC Headshell Alignment Block
NASOTEC Headshell Alignment Block

NASOTEC Headshell Alignment Block

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Three to four weeks are usually necessary, sometimes much more

Best for VTA & Azimuth alignment

  • CNC machined. Made for best accuracy alignment.
  • Mounted level is precisely adjusted on the surface plate
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • UV coated. UV coating delivers outstanding abrasion, scratch and chemical resistance.
  • Dimension: 64 x 43 x 7.2 (W x H x D, mm)

The diamond tip must be set orthogonally to the vinyl for accurate performance. Most of the styluses have a right

angle when the upper lines of the angle are parallel to the surface of the vinyl. From this angle settings, we call

azimuth is the front line horizontality of the cartridge and vertical tracking angle (VTA) is the side line horizontality

of the cartridge. Our Nasotec Cartridge Alignment block is the best tool for easy adjustment


The level of our Nasotec Cartridge Alignment Block is to check if your turntable is in balance for optimal

performance and to adjust it if it is needed. So you will have two tools in one

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