Power Connector FURUTECH - FI E 50 NCF R

Power Connector FURUTECH FI-E50 NCF (R)

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Power Connector FURUTECH FI-E50 NCF (R)

FURUTECH’s Ultimate Power Connector Series

FURUTECH FI-E50 NCF (R) Schuko Type E/F Power Connector Rhodium Plated Carbon Ø20mm

Here is the high-end Schuko power connectors, for the realization of high-end audio cable audiophile.

This new version, known as NCF (Nano Crystal Formula), incorporates an active material in the insulating body which generates negative ions which eliminate static discharges by converting them into thermal energy in the infrared spectrum.

Furutech combines this crystalline material with ceramic particles and carbon powder with electric Piezo damping properties.

Thea conjugation with the Nano Formula Crystal and the piezo ceramic particles provides the ultimate electrical outlet, the long culmination of Furutech's know-how in this field.

NCF technology:

Incorporated in the new series of Furutech products, the NCF (Nano Crystal² Formula) consists of a special crystalline material that has two "active" properties.
It generates negative ions that eliminate static electricity, but it also converts thermal energy into far infrared (LIR) whose wavelength varies from (50 μm to 5 mm).
Furutech combine then this remarkable material with nanometric ceramic particles and carbon powder for their "Piezo Effect" (damping properties).
The resulting Nano Crystal² (NCF) formula is the ultimate electric and mechanical damping material - (only available in Furutech products!).

Features :

  • Conductors : Pure Plated copper Rhodium "Furutech Alpha α"
  • Insulation : Nylon / fiberglass
  • Case : Nylon / fiberglass nano ceramic particles for absorption of vibrations and resonances
  • Multi-layer non-magnetic stainless steel and carbon fiber
  • NFC : Addition of antistatic nano crystalline particles in the carbon ceramic body.
  • Compatible with French base
  • This connector adapts to an external cable diameter of 6mm up to 20mm
  • 250V / 16A

Dimensions :

  • Diameter : 39.5mm
  • Body Length : 44mm
  • Overall Length : 93.2mm

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