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Power Cord Project V1 FURUTECH

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Project V1

Furutech's new flagship power cord

Alpha OCC-DUCC / Silver-Coated α (Alpha) OCC Conductors

Featuring NCF & Special forged carbon fiber composite Materials

Furutech’s Top-of-the-line High Performance Power Cord

Project-V1 EU (Schuko male)


The Project-V1 is Furutech’s new flagship power cord and is the culmination of 30 plus years investigation by Furutech into all aspects of power and signal transmission for high end audio applications. The Project-V1 features Furutech’s ground-breaking technologies, patented designs, and the absolute highest quality materials, including:

  • Furutech’s special antistatic and antiresonance NCF material (Nano Crystal² Formula).
  • Piezo “active” materials to mechanically and electrically damp as they “interconvert” resonance into thermal release.
  • Alpha Process (Deep Cyro and Demagnetizing treatment of metal parts).
  • Carbon particle damping materials.
  • Floating Field Damper mechanism shunting electrical potentials to ground
  • Alpha OCC Mono Crystal Conductors.
  • Alpha DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper.

All audiophiles search for the same qualities: Verisimilitude to the original event, a sense of engagement promoting suspension of disbelief, a visceral immersion in the audio video experience. They also know that everything in the signal path makes a difference, and that which we see, hear and experience is, in a very direct way the AC power itself. 

In fact, the AC supply is directly in the signal path. As amplifiers transfer energy to speakers it draws down storage capacitors by exactly the same amount. The capacitors try to keep fully charged by drawing energy from rectifiers that turn the AC into DC from the transformer that draws power through the wall. Ultimately everything you see, hear and experience is the AC that must be identical to let’s say an amplifier’s output, and that AC travels through the power cord! That’s why they’re as important as any cable in a system because they carry the same signal. Furutech has received enthusiastic reports of significant improvements with every type of audio, video and display device.

The Project V1 power cord features special connectors, exclusive to this power cord: an IEC connector, male AC connector and Cable Damping rings that incorporate Furutech’s special antistatic and antiresonance NCF material combined with special high-grade nylon insulation. The housings of these special connectors and Damping Rings are formed with 4-layer hybrid NCF carbon fiber finished with a special hardened clear damping coating.

Connector conductors are formed with nonmagnetic rhodium coated α(Alpha) pure copper secured in bodies insulated with Furutech’s special antistatic and antiresonance NCF material - NCF allows for the transmission of pure uncolored power delivering improvements in the depth and focus of the sound stage, harmonics, and tonal balance. Low frequencies are cleaner, with a greater sense of definition made possible by a lowered noise floor.

D.U.C.C. (Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper)

α (Alpha) OCC –DUCC is constructed using a combination of DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper and Furutech’s world famous Pure Transmission α (Alpha)-OCC.

Furutech DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper -- supplied and regulated with strict quality and supply control by Mitsubishi Materials Industries -- is one of the best conductors Furutech engineers have found for signal transmission.

Mitsubishi process this extremely pure oxygen-free copper with new technology that optimally aligns the crystals while reducing the number of crystal-grain boundaries resulting in a tremendously efficient conductor. Furutech combines DUCC with Furutech’s world famous Pure Transmission α-OCC and treats this optimized dual conductor configuration with Furutech’s Alpha Super Cryogenic and Demagnetizing process to take purity and conductivity a significant step further.

Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF)

Furutech’s Nano Crystal² Formula, also known as NCF, has resulted in a number of truly innovative and effective products over the past few years. NCF features a special crystalline material that has two distinct properties—it generates negative ions that eliminate static, and it converts thermal energy into far infrared.

When combined with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder, these crystals become the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Created by Furutech, NCF is found exclusively in Furutech products and nowhere else.

Furutech’s beautifully crafted Project V1 power cord is an engineering marvel and the culmination of over 30 years research and design into the pure transmission of AC power. The Project V1 power cord incorporates Furutech revolutionary NCF antistatic and antiresonance material and a 3 concentric layer combination of Silver coated Alpha-OCC conductors and Alpha-DUCC conductors, a refined balanced mix of two of the best conductors Furutech has found for high end performance sound reproduction. Along with the highest-grade materials, the double shielded, double insulated Project V1 also utilizes a special hybrid polyethylene insulation that incorporates a ceramic-carbon powder damping material for ultimate power transmission cable.

The Project V1 results are extremely fine resolution down and through the very low noise floor, improved sound staging and image palpability, a musical, attractive, midrange, tight and controlled bass, plus power and dynamics to spare.

Specially designed Sleeve:

Designed to limit resonance and stress on the cable while remaining flexible, the special sleeve features high-grade soft damping polypropylene and cross weaved hard fiber. (0.02mm soft polypropylene / 0.25mm hard polypropylene)


  • Multi-material Hybrid conductor with special 3 tier concentric design
  • Sound enhancing, resonance damping double insulation, double shielded, 3 sheath design
  • Dual insulation:Inner FEP (Fluoropolymer) & Outer high-grade polyethylene
  • RoHS complaint Nano-ceramic and carbon powder damping material
  • Cable outer diameter: 32.0mm
  • Length:8M Approx.

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