PRO-JECT VC-E - Compact record cleaning machine

PRO-JECT VC-E - Compact record cleaning machine

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The VC-E is a compact and very affordable record cleaning machine

Regardless of its size and price, the VC-E offers a lot of features:

  • The aluminium surface of the VC-E is able to withstand excessive fluid spill without compromising the chassis
  • The VC-E is super powerful and cleans records in as little as one or two rotations. The very best results are achieved with one rotation forward followed by one backwards
  • It turns the record superfast within 2 seconds per rotation, which is about 3 times faster than comparable cleaning machines. The result is a much faster and more effective cleaning process
  • A clamp seales the record label from cleaning fluid and avoids damage on the label
  • The robust metal arm is easy to use, mechanically stable and focuses all suction power directly onto the record surface
  • Our eco-friendly and non-alcoholic vinyl cleaning concentrate, Wash-IT, offers very good cleaning results and reduces static charge, so record wear and stylus wear are significantly reduced
If you are looking for a compact and yet affordable record cleaning machine, the VC-E is definitely your choice

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