Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono) - AudioSoundMusic
Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono) - AudioSoundMusic
Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono) - AudioSoundMusic
Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono) - AudioSoundMusic
Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono) - AudioSoundMusic
Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono) - AudioSoundMusic
Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono) - AudioSoundMusic
Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono) - AudioSoundMusic

Ranny Sinclair – Another Autumn (Mono)

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Vocals - Ranny Sinclair

Piano – Dave Brubeck (B5-6) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Dave Brubeck]


1 LP, standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g HQ vinyl

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : RTI

Label : Modern Harmonic

Original Label : Modern Harmonic

Recorded October 15, 1964 (A1), October 9, 1964 (A2, A5-6, B3-4), January 11, 1966 (A3-4, B1-2), May 20, 1966 (B5), June 21, 1966 (B6)

Produced by Teo Macero

Mastered by Bob Irwin at Sundazed Studios South

Artwork by John Sellards

Photography by Don Hunstein, Henry Parker

Originally released in October 2017



Side A:

  1. Fan In Flame
  2. If I Had A Ribbon Bow
  3. There Won’t Be Trumpets
  4. Sweet William
  5. Wailing Waltz
  6. Ode To A Cowboy           

Side B:

  1. With Any Other Girl
  2. Bye Bye
  3. A Wonderful Guy
  4. Barbara Allen
  5. Autumn In Our Town
  6. Something To Sing About



                      At a time when you can buy or stream practically all music ever recorded – no matter how impossibly rare or obscure – the vault of little-known gems gets emptier by the day. But jewels do still turn up, and the archive specialist Sundazed's 2017 Ranny Sinclair album, Another Autumn (on its Modern Harmonic imprint), which brings together the complete recordings of this little-known singer, including four singles for Columbia and four previously unissued tracks all cut between 1964-66, is an unexpected treasure.

                      Sinclair, born Frances Singer, was the daughter of songwriter Lou Singer and switched from dancing to singing at New York's Julliard, until she was noticed by Columbia, which issued her debut single ‘Fan The Flame’ c/w ‘If I Had A Ribbon Bow’ in 1964. The latter song, written by her father and previously recorded by Odetta, Carolyn Hestor and Karen Dalton, is best-known as Fairport Convention's debut single.

                      Sinclair is total mid-1960s NY cool, with a bewitching, breathy, sometimes sultry voice with echoes of Blossom Dearie, Anita O'Day and even Dusty in Memphis era Dusty Springfield. All tracks were produced and arranged by Miles, Mingus and Brubeck producer Teo Macero, who also contributed tenor sax. Macero suggested she should collaborate with Dave Brubeck who subsequently composed three, and played on two, tracks here.

                      Another Autumn is an eclectic set, spanning the exotic large ensemble of the opener, ‘Fan The Flame’ (from the Broadway musical The Secret Life of Walter Mitty); through the baroque folk-jazz of ‘Ribbon Bow’ and the traditional ‘Barbara Allen’ to the moody soul stomp of ‘With Any Other Girl’ (later a Northern Soul favourite). The beat lyrics and scatty vocal of the seriously swinging ‘Wailing Waltz’ and the beguiling bittersweet tracks with Brubeck, issued as a single in 1966, also stand out. The lyrical beauty of ‘Autumn In Our Town’, is worth the price of admission alone and is one of Brubeck's most exquisite collaborations with a singer, while the breezy bop swing of ‘Something To Sing About’, combines more of her offbeat lyrics with Brubeck's Monk-ish mood and suggests a distinctive jazz vocal talent in the making. But then she was gone: Sinclair was apparently uncomfortable with live performance and opted for a jetset life as the companion of successful English businessman, the late Sir Jack Hayward, who among other things was chairman of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Ranny, now known as Frances Hayward, later settled in The Hamptons and devotes her time to animal rights.

                      These tracks were never originally recorded as an album, yet they hang together better than many. It comes in a classy, mid-1960s style sleeve and has rarely been off my deck since it was issued in late 2017.” Jazzwize Review by Jon Newey


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