Sam Cooke's SAR Records Story (4LP) - AudioSoundMusic
Sam Cooke's SAR Records Story (4LP) - AudioSoundMusic
Sam Cooke's SAR Records Story (4LP) - AudioSoundMusic
Sam Cooke's SAR Records Story (4LP) - AudioSoundMusic

Sam Cooke's SAR Records Story (4LP)

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Sam Cooke - Vocals (D8 to E4), Backing Vocals (F6) [click here to see more vinyl featuring Sam Cooke]

The Soul Stirrers (A1-4, A8, B2 to C6, D2-3), R. H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders (A5-7, B1, C7, D1), The Womack Brothers (D4-7), Mel Carter (E5), The Simms Twins (E6-8, G1-2, H1), The Valentinos (E9, F5, H3-9), Johnnie Taylor (F1-4, F7, G4, G8), L. C. Cooke (F6, H2), Billy Preston (F8), Johnnie Morisette (G3, G5-7, G9-10)

Lead Vocals – Paul Foster (A1-3, B6, D3), Jimmie Outler (A4, A8, B3-5, B7-8, C2-6, D2), Curtis Womack (D5, D7, F5, H10), Bobby Womack (D6, E9, H4-5, H7, H9)

Backing Vocals – S. R. Crain (F6), J. W. Alexander (F7), Lou Rawls (F7), Johnnie Morisette (H8)

Arranged by Sam Cooke (A8, B6), R.H. Harris (C7)

Written by J. W. Alexander (A2, C1, E8-9, F8, G3, H3-4), Sam Cooke (A2, A8, B3, C1-3, D8, E1-8, F2-4, F6-7, G1-2, G9-10, H2, H7-8), S. R. Crain (A3), Richard Gibbs (A4), R.H. Harris (A5-7, B1, D1), Le Roy Crume (B3, B7-8, C3-4), Jimmie Outler (B4, D2), Johnnie Taylor (B5, F1, G4, G8), Jimmie Outler (B7), Belford Hendricks (C6), Brook Benton (C6), Clyde Otis (C6), G. N. Allen (D3), Bobby Womack (D4-6, E9, H5-7, H0), Roscoe Robinson (D7), Clinton Levert (E5), John Greek (F5), Betty & Beverly Prudhomme (F7), Billy Preston (F8), Fred Smith (F8), J. W. Alexander, Albert King (G5), Jessie Mae Robinson (G6), Johnnie Morisette (G7), Albert Shubert (H1), James Brown (H1), Zelda Samuels (H4), Bobby Womack, Shirley Womack (H9)

4 LPs, Gatefold jacket with 12 page booklet

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : Black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : unspecified

Label : ABKCO (Allen and Betty Klein Co)

Original Label : SAR Records

Original Sessions engineered by Bob Kidder (A1-2, A4-8, B1, B4-5, C1, C3-4, D2-7, E3-4, G1-2, H1-4), Eddie Brackett (A3, B7-8, C2, G9-10), Bones Howe (B2-3, C5-6, E5-8, F3-4, F7, G4-5, H6-8), Wally Heider (B2-3, C5-7, D1, H5, H9), Jim Malloy (B6, F6), Dino Lapis (D8), Sam Cooke (D8), Dave Hassinger (E9, F1, F8, G6, G8), Tony & Dave (F5), Bill Putnam (G3, G7)

Original Sessions produced by Sam Cooke (A1-3, A5 to B3, B5 to C6, D3 to E4, E6-9, F2-7, G1-7, G9 to H9), J. W. Alexander (A4, B4, C7 to D2, E5, F1, F8, G8), R.H. Harris (C7 to D1), Fred Smith (E5, F8)

Reissue engineered by Rick Essig, Steve Rosenthal

Reissue produced by Gregg Geller, Jody H. Klein, Lenne Allik

Liner Notes by Peter Guralnick

Originally released in 1994 (as a CD)

Reissued in February 2024 (first time on LP)


Side A:

  1. Wade In The Water [Chatter]
  2. Wade In The Water - The Soul Stirrers
  3. I'm A Pilgrim - The Soul Stirrers
  4. Praying Ground - The Soul Stirrers
  5. Somebody [Chatter]
  6. Somebody - R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders
  7. Sometimes - R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders
  8. Amazing Grace - The Soul Stirrers

Side B:

  1. Pass Me Not - R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders
  2. Oh Mary, Don't You Weep [Chatter]
  3. Oh Mary, Don't You Weep - The Soul Stirrers
  4. Since I Met The Savior - The Soul Stirrers
  5. God Is Standing By - The Soul Stirrers
  6. Lead Me To Cavalry [Rehearsal] - The Soul Stirrers
  7. Listen To The Angels Sing - The Soul Stirrers
  8. Don't Leave Me Alone - The Soul Stirrers

Side C:

  1. Stand By Me Father - The Soul Stirrers
  2. Jesus Be A Fence Around Me - The Soul Stirrers
  3. Lead Me Jesus - The Soul Stirrers
  4. Free At Last - The Soul Stirrers
  5. Looking Back [Chatter]
  6. Looking Back - The Soul Stirrers
  7. Born Again - R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders

Side D:

  1. Wait On Jesus - R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders
  2. Time Brings About A Change - The Soul Stirrers
  3. Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone - The Soul Stirrers
  4. Yield Not To Temptation [Chatter]
  5. Yield Not To Temptation - The Womack Brothers
  6. Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray - The Womack Brothers
  7. Somewhere There's A God - The Womack Brothers
  8. That's Heaven To Me - Sam Cooke

Side E:

  1. You Send Me [Demo] - Sam Cooke
  2. Just For You - Sam Cooke
  3. Somewhere There's A Girl - Sam Cooke
  4. You Were Made For Me - Sam Cooke
  5. Whan A Boy Falls In Love - Mel Carter
  6. Soothe Me - The Simms Twins
  7. That's Where It's At [Chatter]
  8. That's Where It's At - The Simms Twins
  9. Everybody Wants To Fall In Love - The Valentinos

Side F:

  1. Keep On Loving You - Johnnie Taylor
  2. I'll Always Be In Love With You - Johnnie Taylor
  3. Baby, We've Got Love [Chatter]
  4. Baby, We've Got Love - Johnnie Taylor
  5. Baby, Lots Of Luck - The Valentinos
  6. Put Me Down Easy - L.C. Cooke
  7. Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day) - Johnnie Taylor
  8. Greazee Part I & II - Billy Preston

Side G:

  1. I Gopher You - The Simms Twins
  2. I Gopher You [Chatter]
  3.  You're Always On My Mind - Johnnie Morisette
  4. I Need Lots Of Love - Johnnie Taylor
  5. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong - Johnnie Morisette
  6. Black Night - Johnnie Morisette
  7. Damper - Johnnie Morisette
  8. You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) - Johnnie Taylor
  9. Meet Me At The Twisting Place [Chatter]
  10. Meet Me At The Twisting Place - Johnnie Morisette

Side H:

  1. Good Good Loving - The Simms Twins
  2. The Wobble - L.C. Cooke
  3. Lookin' For A Love [Chatter]
  4. Lookin' For A Love - The Valentinos
  5. I've Got Love For You - The Valentinos
  6. I've Got A Girl [Chatter]
  7. I've Got A Girl - The Valentinos
  8. Tired Of Living In The Country - The Valentinos
  9. It's All Over Now - The Valentinos

Reviews :

“Sam Cooke's SAR Records Story is a double-disc set presenting material recorded for the legendary soul singer's own SAR label from 1959-1965, much of it produced by Cooke himself and including a few of his rough, unreleased demos. The first disc covers the label's religious side, with a multitude of cuts from Cooke's former group the Soul Stirrers (now with Jimmie Outler on lead vocals), plus a generous helping of songs by R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders and the Womack Brothers. The second disc covers essentially the same gospel-derived soul territory but with a secular bent, featuring future stars Bobby Womack (with the Valentinos), Billy Preston, and Johnnie Taylor, plus L.C. Cooke, Johnnie Morisette, the Simms Twins, and Mel Carter. All in all, it's an excellent look at a lesser-known portion of Cooke's career, and there's some great, underappreciated music to boot.” AllMusic Review by Steve Huey

Ratings :

AllMusic : 4.5 / 5 , Discogs : 4,59 / 5

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