Shamek Farrah & Sonelius Smith - The World of The Children
Shamek Farrah & Sonelius Smith - The World of The Children
Shamek Farrah & Sonelius Smith - The World of The Children
Shamek Farrah & Sonelius Smith - The World of The Children
Shamek Farrah & Sonelius Smith - The World of The Children
Shamek Farrah & Sonelius Smith - The World of The Children

Shamek Farrah & Sonelius Smith - The World of The Children

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Alto Saxophone - Shamek Farrah

Piano – Sonelius Smith

Bass – Kiyoto Fuiwara & Milton Suggs on “A Bass Solo”

Drums – Freddie Wrenn

Percussion – Tony Waters

Trumpet – Joseph Gardner


1 LP, standard sleeve

Limited edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : unspecified

Label : Pure Pleasure Records

Original Label : Strata East Records

Recorded at Sound Ideas Studios, April 1976

Engineered & mixed by George Klabin

Produced by Shamek Farrah

Remastered by Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London

Originally released in 1977

Tracks :

Side A:

  1. The world Of The Children
  2. Conversation Piece      

Side B:

  1. Milt:A Bass Solo
  2. People Puttin’ People Through Changes
  3. Juluis


      Reviews :

      "Pure Pleasure Records has released a 180-gram vinyl re-mastering of The World Of The Children With a stellar group of session players, Farrah and Smith take the listener on a journey that speaks to the mind, ear and soul. Side One opens with the atmospheric title track. After a simple percussion and piano chord dialogue, an intro morphs into a rollicking jam when Shamek Farrah (alto saxophone) and Joseph Gardener (trumpet) combine. Gardner takes the first solo with crisp, trilling runs. Farrah lends an exotic shading with his alto, pushing the tonal boundaries. The hard-driving rhythm section (Sonelius Smith/Kiyoto Fuiwara/Freddie Wrenn/Tony Waters) sustains the intensity. Smith (the composer) shines on acoustic piano with a complicated, transcendental improvisation. It incorporates both Latin and African patterns. The nearly 10-minute number is captivating. Another Smith composition (“Conversation Piece”)captures the opposing earthy and graceful abstraction. Gardener’s piercing trumpet is followed by the unique free jazz touch of Farrah. Smith articulates his improvisational dexterity with airy right hand notation and muscular chords. When the ensemble unites, the expanded sound and chemistry is palpable.

      Side Two offers a surprising double bass performance by Milton Suggs (“Milt: A Bass Solo”). In a concise 2:57, he delivers a virtual master-class on double bass. Suggs defies any stereotype of bass as simply a supporting instrument, gliding through a variety of tempos and demonstrating instrumental finesse. On Farrah’s lone composition (“People Puttin’ People Through Changes”), the quintet approximates a medium bebop vibe with the perfectly matched alto and trumpet sharing lead. Farrah eases into a bluesy solo with deft timing, before Gardener gives a more classic jazz reading. Smith’s minimalist eloquence on piano is especially potent. The song concludes with the quintet dynamics of horn/sax framed by a cohesive rhythm section. Gardener penned the finale, “Julius”. The band gets a groove going, aided by Kiyoto Fuiwara’s walking bass line. Freddie Wrenn’s cymbal work is excellent. Here, Farrah relies on lower-register play which changes the feeling. This low-key swing jam utilizes subtle modulation. Sonelius Smith continues his delicate, soulful licks before the group finishes together.

      Kudos to Pure Pleasure Records for this updated vinyl of The World Of The Children. Smaller labels like Strata-East had a significant if not under-appreciated role in moving jazz forward in the 1970’s. A quality, detailed mix and attention to original packaging (including the out-of-focus album cover) are a welcome addition to the jazz legacy." by Robbie Gerson Audiophile Audtion, June 2021

      « If you're wondering who Shamek Farrah was, and why his vision is important, this record won't clear up the mystery. This is a fine slab of what one expects from Strata-East, soul jazz in a spiritual vein, delivered with passion and precision. But of all the players here, the leader, and his co-billed companion, Sonelius Smith, are completely in the background, overwhelmed by the talents of their sidemen including the vibrant trumpet of Joseph Gardner and the swaggering thunder of bassist Milton Suggs. The first side of the album sounds, regrettably like warmed over Pharaoh Sanders. The second side improves things a bit, but when the lead off track is a three-minute bass solo by one of your sidemen, you can't help but wonder who's really in charge. Farrah and Smith do little to settle that argument, remaining comfortably behind the curtain. If you're a fan of the labelor the genre, this might hold your interest. If you're already indifferent, this won't change your mind. » AllMusic Review by Rob Ferrier


      Ratings :

      AllMusic : 3 / 5 ; Discogs : 4.45 / 5 ; Audiophile Audition : 4 / 5

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