The Alan Parsons Project: The Turn Of A Friendly Card
The Alan Parsons Project: The Turn Of A Friendly Card
The Alan Parsons Project: The Turn Of A Friendly Card
The Alan Parsons Project: The Turn Of A Friendly Card

The Alan Parsons Project: The Turn Of A Friendly Card

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Alan Parsons – Projectron on "Games People Play", whistling and finger snaps on "The Gold Bug", Clavinet on "The Gold Bug" and "The Ace of Swords", harpsichord on "The Ace of Swords", additional vocals on "Time"

Eric Woolfson – piano, harpsichord, lead vocals

Stuart Elliott – drums, percussion

David Paton – bass guitar

Ian Bairnson – electric, acoustic and classical guitars; pedal steel guitar on "Time"

Chris Rainbow – lead and backing vocals

Elmer Gantry (Real name: David Henry Trais Terry) – lead vocal

Lenny Zakatek – lead and backing vocals

The Philharmonia Orchestra, arranged and conducted by Andrew Powell

Written by Parsons and Woolfson


1 LP, standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’


Record Press : Pallas GmbH in Germany

Label : Speakers Corner

Original Label : Arista

Recorded 1979-1980 in Acousti Studio, Paris, France

Engineered by Alan Parsons

Produced by Alan Parsons

Mastered by Willem Makkee

Originally released in 1980

Reissued in 2005



Side A :

  1. May Be a Price to Pay
  2. Games People Play
  3. Time
  4. I Don't Wanna Go Home


Side B : 

  1. The Gold Bug
  2. The Turn of a Friendly Card (part one)
  3. Snake Eyes
  4. The Ace of Sword
  5. Nothing Left to Lose
  6. The Turn of a Friendly Card (part two)


Reviews :

« With two of the Alan Parsons Project's best songs, the lovely ballad "Time" and the wavy-sounding "Games People Play," The Turn of a Friendly Card remains one of this group's most enjoyable albums. Parsons' idea, the subject of the album's six tracks, centers around the age-old temptation of gambling and its stranglehold on the human psyche. On "Games People Play," vocalist Lenny Zakatek sounds compelling and focused, giving the song a seriousness that aids in realization of the album's concept. With "Time," it is Eric Woolfson who carries this luxurious-sounding ode to life's passing to a place above and beyond any of this band's other slower material. The breakdown of human willpower and our greedy tendencies are highlighted in the last track, entitled "The Turn of a Friendly Card," which is broken into five separate parts. "Snake Eyes," sung by Chris Rainbow, is the most compelling of the five pieces, and ties together the whole of the recording. As in every Parsons album, an instrumental is included, in this case an interesting number aptly titled "The Gold Bug." Like most of the band's instrumentals, its flow and rhythm simulate the overall tempo and concept of the album, acting as a welcome interlude. Although short, The Turn of a Friendly Card is to the point and doesn't let down when it comes to carrying out its idea. » Review by Mike DeGagne


"Alan Parsons’ attention to engineering detail and multi-level instrumentals is captured by the audiophile virgin vinyl. The luxurious tones of the synthesizers are contrasted with the jagged electric guitars. The mix levels are balanced delicately. Whether it’s the power of the string sections or delicacy of the lithe vocalists, the quality is superior. The Turn Of A Friendly Card is a discerning combination of intriguing pop music and eminent studio technology." - Audiophile Audition, September 2011


Ratings :

AllMusic : 4.5/5  ,  Discogs: 3,95 / 5

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