The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)
The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)
The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)
The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)
The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)
The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)
The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)
The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)

The Monkees - Pool It! (Blue vinyl)

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The monkeys [click here to see more vinyl featuring The Monkees]

Davy Jones – vocals

Micky Dolenz – vocals

Peter Tork – vocals, guitar ("Gettin' In")

Curly Smith – drums

Mark Christian – guitar

George Hawkins – bass

Davey Faragher – bass

Mike Egizi – keyboards, programming

Craig Ostbo – percussion

Roger Bechirian – percussion, synthesizer ("Gettin' In")

Andy Cahan – piano ("(I'll) Love You Forever")

Lou Natkin – guitar ("Every Step of the Way", "(I'll) Love You Forever", "She's Movin' in With Rico")

Dan Sawyer – acoustic guitar ("Counting on You", "(I'll) Love You Forever")

Dave Sutton – bass ("She's Movin' in With Rico")

Jim Thompson – sax ("Secret Heart", "Every Step of the Way")

Matt Harris – background vocals ("Heart and Soul", "Every Step of the Way")

Mike Egizi – string arrangements


1 LP, Gatefold Cover

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : Blue

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press : Rhino Entertainment Company

Label : Friday Music

Original Label : Rhino Records

Recorded May–July 1987 in Cherokee Studios, Hollywood

Engineered & mixed by Cliff Kane, Scott Gordon

Produced by Roger Bechirian

Remastered by Joe Reagoso

Originally released in 1987

Reissued in 2012



Side A :

            1 Heart and Soul

            2 (I'd Go The) Whole Wide World

            3 Long Way Home

            4 Secret Heart

            5 Gettin' In

            6 (I'll) Love You Forever


Side B :

            1 Every Step of the Way

            2 Don't Bring Me Down

            3 Midnight

            4 She's Movin' in With Rico

            5 Since You Went Away

            6 Counting on You


Reviews :

"Given the context of the MTV revivalism of their show, a reunion performance on the MTV music awards, a stellar best-of compilation, a top video on Dial MTV with "That Was Then...This is Now," and a new series based on the original (the New Monkees? Anyone?), one would think that 1986 was the year that the Monkees could do no wrong. For the most part, this was true; but then they dropped Pool It! and it was a bit like watching a prized race horse's legs give midway through a race. Unquestionably their worst output of all time, Pool It! was an obvious attempt to cash in on the revitalized success of the group, which falls flat within 30 seconds of the album's solitary notable song "Heart and Soul." This is normally the part of a review where the reviewer would advise this release for die-hard fans only, but I can't even suggest that, as no one should be subjected to such poor quality unless they're a collector or completist -- and even then it's best to keep Pool It! in its original packing, if anything to increase the resale value." AllMusic Review by Rob Theakston


Ratings :

AllMusic : 1,5 / 5 , Discogs : 3,77 / 5

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