The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
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The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)
The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)

The Rolling Stones (11LP, Box set)

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Mick Jagger – lead and backing vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar, percussion, keyboards, bass guitar [click here to see more vinyl featuring Mick Jagger]

Keith Richards – rhythm and lead guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing and lead vocals [click here to see more vinyl featuring Keith Richards]

Ronnie Wood – lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals [click here to see more vinyl featuring Ronnie Wood]


11 LPs, Box set

Limited numbered edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

Half-speed Mastering

Heavy Press : 180g SuperVinyl

Record color : black

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press : Victor Company Of Japan

Label : MOFI

Original Label : Decca and London Records

Mastered at Original Masteringworks

Released in 1984



Record 1: The Rolling Stones     

Side A:

    1. Route 66            
    2. I Just Want To Make Love To You            
    3. Honest I Do       
    4. I Need You Baby             
    5. Now I've Got A Witness
    6. Little By Little   

Side B:

    1. I'm A King Bee  
    2. Carol    
    3. Tell Me (You're Coming Back)    
    4. Can I Get A Witness       
    5. You Can Make It If You Try         
    6. Walking The Dog            
    7. Record 2 : 12 X 5            

Side C:

    1. Around And Around       
    2. Confessin' The Blues      
    3. Empty Heart     
    4. Time Is On My Side        
    5. Good Times, Bad Times
    6. It's All Over Now            

Side D:

    1. 2120 South Michigan Avenue    
    2. Under The Boardwalk   
    3. Congratulations              
    4. Grown Up Wrong           
    5. If You Need Me
    6. Susie Q.              

Record 3 : Out Of Our Heads     

Side E:

    1. Mercy Mercy    
    2. Hitch Hike          
    3. The Last Time   
    4. That's How Strong My Love Is   
    5. Good Times       
    6. I'm All Right      

Side F:

    1. Satisfaction       
    2. Cry To Me          
    3. The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man            
    4. Play With Fire   
    5. The Spider And The Fly 
    6. One More Try   

Record 4: Aftermath      

Side G:

    1. Mother's Little Helper   
    2. Stupid Girl         
    3. Lady Jane           
    4. Under My Thumb           
    5. Doncha Bother Me        
    6. Goin' Home       

Side H:

    1. Flight 505          
    2. High And Dry    
    3. Out Of Time      
    4. It's Not Easy      
    5. I Am Waiting     
    6. Take It Or Leave It          
    7. Think    
    8. What To Do      

Record 5: Between The Buttons              

Side I:

    1. Yesterday's Papers         
    2. My Obsession   
    3. Back Street Girl
    4. Connection        
    5. She Smiled Sweetly        
    6. Cool, Calm And Collected           

Side J:

    1. All Sold Out       
    2. Please Go Home             
    3. Who's Been Sleeping Here?       
    4. Complicated      
    5. Miss Amanda Jones       
    6. Something Happened To Me Yesterday

Record 6: Their Satanic Majesties Request          

Side K:

    1. Sing This All Together   
    2. Citadel 
    3. In Another Land              
    4. 2,000 Man         
    5. Sing This All Together (See What Happens)         

Side L:

    1. She's A Rainbow             
    2. The Lantern       
    3. Gomper              
    4. 2,000 Light Years From Home   
    5. On With The Show         

Record 7: Beggars Banquet

Side M:

    1. Sympathy For The Devil
    2. No Expectations             
    3. Dear Doctor      
    4. Parachute Woman         
    5. Jig-Saw Puzzle   

Side N:

    1. Street Fighting Man       
    2. Prodigal Son      
    3. Stray Cat Blues 
    4. Factory Girl       
    5. Salt Of The Earth            

Record 8: Let It Bleed

Side O: 

    1. Gimme Shelter 
    2. Love In Vain      
    3. Country Honk   
    4. Live With Me    
    5. Let It Bleed        

Side P:

    1. Midnight Rambler          
    2. You Got The Silver          
    3. Monkey Man    
    4. You Can't Always Get What You Want   

Record 9: Get Yer Ya's Ya's Out 

Side Q:

    1. Jumpin' Jack Flash          
    2. Carol    
    3. Stray Cat Blues 
    4. Love In Vain      
    5. Midnight Rambler          

Side R:

    1. Sympathy For The Devil
    2. Live With Me    
    3. Little Queenie   
    4. Honky Tonk Women      
    5. Street Fighting Man       

Record 10: Hot Rocks A/B             

Side S:

    1. Time Is On My Side        
    2. Heart Of Stone 
    3. Play With Fire   
    4. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction       
    5. As Tears Go By 
    6. Get Off My Cloud           

Side T:

    1. Mother's Little Helper   
    2. 19Th Nervous Breakdown          
    3. Paint It, Black   
    4. Under My Thumb           
    5. Ruby Tuesday   
    6. Let's Spend The Night Together      

Record 11: Hot Rock C/D

Side U:

    1. Jumping Jack Flash         
    2. Street Fighting Man       
    3. Sympathy For The Devil
    4. Honky Tonk Woman      
    5. Gimme Shelter 

Side V:

    1. Midnight Rambler (Live)              
    2. You Can't Always Get What You Want   
    3. Brown Sugar     
    4. Wild Horses


          Reviews :

          See an unboxing video here

          The Rolling Stones Collection was originally released in October 1984. This set is #1461; only 10,000 sets were pressed. This "Limited Edition Library of Original Master Recordings" transferred direct from the original 1963 to 1969 master recording tapes, includes a softcover book that reproduces The Rolling Stones original album cover graphics (front and back), a Geo-Disc cartridge alignment platter and some other MFSL material.  The LPs are in the original inner sleeves, the jackets are glossy red with black lettering.

          The Collection' box set is arguably the greatest sounding release of the Rolling Stones albums ever; considerably better than the standard LP or CD releases.  All 11 albums in this box set were mastered at half speed from the original master tapes, and pressed onto pure 180 gram high definition super vinyl by JVC, which has an extraordinarily quiet playing surface, extreme durability and a lifespan many times exceeding conventional pressings.

          These out-of-print LPs are the very finest of the audiophile LP market. The future of these collectibles is exciting because each piece is a sonic work of art that will never be reproduced.  Crafted with state of the art proprietary technology, high quality ingredients and attention to detail from beginning to end.  The depth and dimension of the music is delivered back to you with all the dynamics and richness of the live recording session.  With Mobile Fidelity, you will come as close as possible to hearing the three-dimension quality of the music just as the artist intended it to be.

          Original Master Records are Limited Edition, state-of-the-art records of spectacular and unparalleled audio quality.  Hearing one played through your own stereo system can virtually duplicate the experience of being in the recording studio and listening to your favorite recording artists perform their greatest works. They give you all of the pure, natural sounds that you've never heard before, plus freedom of such annoyances as surface noise and distortion.

          Ratings :

          Discogs : 4,67 / 5

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