USB cable - Fadel Aphrodite A-A (1.0m to 5.0m)

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APHRODITE USB is made using APHRODITE Interconnect. Light, soft, extremely flexible, using silver core conductor and 2 shields for maximum performance and no noise.


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As an increasing number of streaming audio products, applying USB A to B in their communications chain, are getting available. Fadel has looked into how such signal can be influenced and how the design of a cable could in turn be optimized to get the best result possible.


The Aphrodite cable is based on a particular construction, made of 5 conductors. Three are in large diameter OFHC copper, and two in pure silver. This silver is not worked from the metal itself, but obtained from a chemical precipitate of silver nitrate and passed through cycles of temperature variation and cryogenization. The insulation is made of Egyptian cotton, preferred to Teflon or air because less capacitive and whiter, which plays a decisive role in eliminating the radiation emitted by the conductors.


It required more than one year of extensive research and studies to create the new "Aphrodite" cable series from Fadel Art. With this new cable series we give the fundamental answer, how to eliminate the stray capacity effects for the signal transmission. As with all our former products we follow our basic philosophy to design cables which respect the nature of the sound and which ensure the coherence of the musical system. The brand new "Aphrodite" cables are a substantial innovation, both regarding the technical issues and the musical issues.

The Technology

The "Aphrodite" cable series comprises a very intelligent combination of remarkable signal transmission technologies and high sophisticated materials. The "Aphrodite" cable topology carries on the innovative technologies from Fadel Art like the Silence Technology and like the Coherence Technology.

The "Aphrodite" concept is based on a quadri-axial geometry with five conductors. In this geometry the interior shielding is driven to the signal level through a booster amplifier with a constant gain of 1 and with no phase shift, in a way that the inner conductor does not "see" this shielding. Therefore the audio signal can be transported without any impairment, which results in a perfect signal transmission. The outer shielding acts as a normal conductor seen by the inner shielding with normal capacitance, so that the booster amplifier should be sufficiently powerful to feed the stray current.


Beside of the technological aspects the choice of the used materials is of eminent importance for the results and the performance of the whole concept. For the insulator we chose a very special cotton with maximum whiteness which is for this application the best insulating material resulting in absolutely no coloration, superior to any other material including Teflon and air. For the conductors we chose three high purity copper conductors and two silver conductors of a very sophisticated nature. For these silver conductors we co-operate with a high technology manufacturer in the field for military applications who has developped a special process to extract an ultra pure silver by a chemical method from silver nitrate. This silver is absolutely free from any impurity and its molecular composition is strictly identical at any point.


The Musical Performance

The "Aphrodite" cables allow a sound transmission from one HiFi device to the others like a travel on a magic carpet without the problems related to ground proximity. Completely free from capacitance attenuation of the high frequencies the signal can flow on a cable of several meters length without any loss of quality.

Of course the "Aphrodite" cables are not cheap, but they offer a musical performance in it's price range which was so far not considered as to be possible. In a stereo system, based on the technology of the "Aphrodite" concept, one cable is supporting the other cables in respect of their performance of signal transmission. Therefore, to benefit from the full musical capability of this concept, it is absolutely necessary that all the cables in a system are from the "Aphrodite" series.

By respecting this condition, the new "Aphrodite" cables will open a new window in reference to the absolutely perfect music reproduction.


fadel Art presents really outstanding high technology audio products for accurate music reproduction. The basic concepts are the results of many years of intensive research in the field of optimal and interference-free signal transmission in one of the worldwide leading electronic groups. fadel Art has further developed these research work, and by extensive musical studies optimized for the specific demands in high end music reproduction.

The structure "fadel Art company" was founded in 1993 by Jean M. Fadel a physicist and mathematician, born in Quezzane and living in Paris, France. Before founding his own company Mr. Fadel was responsible for the new products department inside the group Thomson. Already in 1987 Mr. Fadel developed his first cables for high end audio applications, based on the mathematic equality of the British scientist Heaveside.


Before developing his own cables Mr. Fadel has looked to all the cable designs which in his mind had partly solved the existing problems of transmitting a low frequency signal in a high quality music system. But in his mind the basic error in the up to now cable designs was to use simply an ordinary cable with a view to ulterior corrections instead of designing an idealised cable with a view to reduce further corrections to a minimum.Taking this into account we had to find a specific structure in order to solve the problems by eliminating first the coaxial topology so as to reduce the power in the insulation by separating the conductors by using air as the best possible insulation material. We also had to drive each signal along exactly the same geometries and to hold the conductors as tight as possible.

Our products are also based on the general knowledge, that independently of the quality of the electrical conductor itself, and independently of the structure of the conductors inside a cable, finally a correction concerning the phase and the impedance is absolutely necessary to realize a truly optimal cable for a perfect signal transmission. With these findings fadel art has therefore developed and technically realized a totally new correction method based on the Heaveside conditions. This correction method is identified by the use of a special carbon-iron material and the results are cables which are phase and impedance corrected and which therefore are individually optimized for their specific use.

It is very important to mention that the fadel Art research is not the work of a scientist with the goal to get his formula coincided with the actual sound, but as the attempt of a music lover to solve a specific problem by using his scientific knowledge.

The final results of the fadel Art philosophy are products which without any doubt are setting new standards in the high end audio market of today. To enable the ambitious music lovers to enjoy the music, reproduced by technical products, in the best possible way is the goal of our continous research and is our basic philosophy for today and for tomorrow.

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