Yael Nachshon Levin - Tigers and Hummingbirds (1STEP, DMM, 140g) - AudioSoundMusic
Yael Nachshon Levin - Tigers and Hummingbirds (1STEP, DMM, 140g) - AudioSoundMusic
Yael Nachshon Levin - Tigers and Hummingbirds (1STEP, DMM, 140g) - AudioSoundMusic
Yael Nachshon Levin - Tigers and Hummingbirds (1STEP, DMM, 140g) - AudioSoundMusic

Yael Nachshon Levin - Tigers and Hummingbirds (1STEP, DMM, 140g)

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Yael Nachshon Levin - Lead Vocals

Tomer Moked Blum – Guitars, Viola, Bouzouki, Backing Vocals

Choir: Mika Harri, Peggy Marmuth, Avia Shoshani, Clarissa Farran, Anastasia Maschkowski, Matthias Lück, Erik Lautenschläger, Avshalom Caspi, Tomer Moked Blum, Tomer Maschkowski

Haggai Cohen Milo - Bass

Earl Harvin - Drums

Justin Stanton – Hammond, Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes

Guy Sternberg - Moog Synthesizer

Gili Schwarzman - Flute

Sarah Young - Oboe

James Scannell – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bass Flute

Mor Biron - Bassoon

Merav Goldman - French horn

Sebastian Studnizki – Trumpet

Arranged by Guy Sternberg

Lyrics by Yael Nachshon Levin (all tracks), Aviv Noiman (A1)

Music by Yael Nachshon (A2 to B5), Aviv Noiman (A1)


1 LP, standard sleeve with a 8 page booklet

Limited numbered edition

Original analog Master tape : YES

One-Step Plating

Direct Metal Mastering

Heavy Press : 140g

Record color : black

Speed : 33RPM

Size : 12”



Record Press : unspecified

Label : LowSwing Records

Original Label : LowSwing Records

Recorded by Guy Sternberg in April 2022 at Emil Berlin Studio, Berlin.

Tape machine operated by Sidney Claire Meyer & Matthias Lück

Mixed by Guy Sternberg on September 16-17th 2022 at The Village, Copenhagen

Produced by Guy Sternberg

Lacquer cut by Sidney Meyer at Emil Berliner Studios

Cover Art by Emeli Theander

Graphic Design by Erik Lautenschläger

Photos by Katha Mau, Felipe Morales

Originally released in May 2023



Side A:

  1. Feel At Home
  2. Dreams
  3. Far Away
  4. Today
  5. Gut Feeling

Side B:

  1. Tiger
  2. The Bird of Popular Song
  3. It's Ok
  4. Hold On
  5. Hummingbird


Reviews :

"Tiger and Humminfbirds" is the 5th studio album by Berlin based singer Yael Nachshon Levin and her 2nd on LowSwing Records, following the successful “Shining Long After They're Gone” LOSW004 from 2019.

On her new album ,Yael is telling her private story of dealing with a complex post-traumatic stress disorder for years , the music portrait her journey from pain and wounds toward hope during the healing process . During the songwriting process Yael was mentored by legendary bass player Greg Cohen who contributed his experience of many year playing with many as Tom Waits, Ornette Coleman, Lou Reed and more.

Together with producer Guy Sternberg ,Yael gather around her a dream band of no less then 20 top notch musicians including Earl Harvin (Jeff Beck, Air, Seal), Justin Stanton (Snarky Puppy), Mor Biron (Berlin Philharmonic), Haggai Cohen Milo (Omer Klein Trio), and Thomas Moked Blum (Fink, Patricia Kaas)

The Album was recorded over the course of four days at the legendary Emil Berliner Studios , Yael and her band played live in the same room which allowed them to musically communicate in the most intimate and free way. The result is a fascinating musical experience, adorably honest, heartfelt and direct .

These special moments were captured on analogue tape and have remained in the analogue domain all the way to the vinyl itself.


One Step. Instead of utilizing the industry-standard three-step lacquer process, one-step plating uses only one step, bypassing two processes of generational loss. One-step plating skip the regular father-mother process, going right to a single convert and then pressing. Though this dramatically increases mastering and production costs, it also assures each run is more consistent from disc to disc, with less noise, clearer details and deeper bass. Reducing production complexity to just a single "convert" disc between the lacquer and the press greatly improves groove integrity, diminishes non-fill anomalies and increases signal integrity from the master tape to your system.

Direct Metal Mastering

In Direct Metal Mastering, the cutting lathe engraves the audio signal directly onto a copper-plated master disc, instead of engraving the groove into a lacquer-coated aluminum disc.

The direct metal mastering technology addresses the lacquer mastering technology's issue of pre-echoes during record play, caused by the cutting stylus unintentionally transferring some of the subsequent groove wall's impulse signal into the previous groove wall. In particular, a quiet passage followed by a loud sound often clearly revealed a faint pre-echo of the loud sound occurring 1.8 seconds ahead of time (the duration of one revolution at 33 rpm). This problem could also appear as post-echo, 1.8 seconds after a peak in volume.

Another improvement is noise reduction. The lacquer mastering method bears a higher risk of adding unwanted random noise to the recording, caused by the enclosure of small dust particles when spraying the silvering on the lacquer master, which is the necessary first step of the electroplating process for reproduction of the master disc. As the DMM master disc is already made of metal (copper), this step is not required, and its faults are avoided.

With the groove being cut straight into a metal foil, this removed a number of plating stages in the manufacturing process. This gave rise to more upper frequency levels and less surface noise. Additionally, groove pre-echo problems are significantly diminished. Bass is typically tight and well defined, even described as more accurate than the fat, mushy sound of lacquered vinyl pressings.


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