Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 1 (45RPM)
Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 1 (45RPM)
Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 1 (45RPM)
Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 1 (45RPM)

Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 1 (45RPM)

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Yuko Mabuchi, piano

JJ Kirkpatrick, trumpet

Del Atkins, bass

Bobby Breton, drums


1 LP, standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 45 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : unspecified

Label : Yarlung

Original Label : Yarlung

Recorded in The Brain and Creativity Institute's Cammilleri Hall

Produced by Craig and Diane Martin

Remastered by Bernie Grundman

Released in 2020



Side A:

  1. All Blues (Miles Davis)
  2. Blue In Green (Miles Davis)

Side B:

  1. Missing Miles (Yuko Mabuchi)
  2. Sky With No Tears (Yuko Mabuchi)



“As anticipated, it is superb!  The Lullaby gently relaxes you into the environment of… Cammilleri Hall.  Yuko’s sympathetic rendition of ‘So What’ … was true to him, but with a freshness and energy that Yuko and her team imparted to the performance – wonderful…  a real homage to Miles Davis, but with Yuko’s individuality imprinted on her super compositions.” Neville Roberts, The UK’s HiFi Choice

“The album sounds fantastic with a stunning soundstage that brings the listener to Cammilleri Hall as the musicians are performing. The record is silent until the music begins, making it a perfect demonstration record for any good mid-fi or high-end audio system. I was also impressed with JJ Kirkpatrick; he plays some tasty jazz here and complements the trio very well. Although, there are only two tunes of Miles' music heard here, Yuko Mabuchi breathes fresh air into both selections and she shows a maturity beyond her years as a composer." Eddie Carter, notoriousjazz.com

“Yuko Mabuchi plays Miles Davis is one of those albums that can be appreciated just as much for its recording quality as it can for its musical success... Audiophiles should not miss this 'full holographic version' 45RPM vinyl pressing and experience hall ambience in a 360° effect on your favorite audio system!” Audiotechnique Magazine


Ratings :

Discogs : 4,8 / 5

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