Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 2 (45RPM)
Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 2 (45RPM)
Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 2 (45RPM)
Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 2 (45RPM)

Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Volume 2 (45RPM)

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Yuko Mabuchi, piano

JJ Kirkpatrick, trumpet

Del Atkins, bass

Bobby Breton, drums


1 LP, standard sleeve

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 45 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : unspecified

Label : Yarlung

Original Label : Yarlung

Recorded in The Brain and Creativity Institute's Cammilleri Hall

Produced by Craig and Diane Martin

Remastered by Bernie Grundman

Released in 2020



Side A:

  1. Milestones (Miles Davis)
  2. Nardis (Miles Davis)

Side B:

  1. So What (Miles Davis)
  2. Ikumi's Lullaby (Yuko Mabuchi)



    "I think this album is a tribute to the musical spirit of Miles Davis. After these four jazz musicians digested the master's work, they reprised the songs from their own musical frames of reference. There is a strong sense of improvisation. It is undeniable that Yuko Mabuchi, who has been training since the age of 4, has a solid technical foundation. However, I admire her freedom even more. The sound of the piano expresses self-confidence and unrestrained spontaneity. She and her colleagues inspire each other and play off of each other's musical sparks. The Japanese female pianists I know always have extreme styles. They either follow the rules or focus on flamboyant virtuosity; it is very difficult to compete in the classical music world otherwise. Jazz pianists likewise feel these same pressures. In my opinion and in fact, Yuko Mabuchi exudes a sunny sense of charm in this concert." Audiotechnique Magazine


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