Franck Zappa - The Last U.S. Show (4LP, Box set)
Franck Zappa - The Last U.S. Show (4LP, Box set)
Franck Zappa - The Last U.S. Show (4LP, Box set)
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Franck Zappa - The Last U.S. Show (4LP, Box set)
Franck Zappa - The Last U.S. Show (4LP, Box set)
Franck Zappa - The Last U.S. Show (4LP, Box set)

Franck Zappa - The Last U.S. Show (4LP, Box set)

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Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals, Synclavier), Mike Keneally (guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Scott Thunes (electric bass, Minimoog), Bobby Martin (keyboards, vocals), Ed Mann (vibraphone, marimba, electronic percussion), Chad Wackerman (drums, electronic percussion, liner notes), Walt Fowler (trumpet, flugelhorn, synthesizer), Bruce Fowler (trombone, Paul Carman (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone), Albert Wing (tenor saxophone), Kurt McGettrick (baritone saxophone, bass saxophone, contrabass clarinet).

Written by Franck Zappa (A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, D2, D5), John Lennon (F2, G2), Paul McCartney (F2, G2), Igor Stravinsky (D3), Bela Bartok (D4), Maurice Ravel (H2), Douglass Cross (B4), George C. Cory Junior (B4), Ray Evans (D7), Jerry Livingston (D7), Jimmy Page (G1), Robert Plant (G1), Gregg Allman (H1), Katharine Lee Bates (H3), Samuel A. Ward (H3).


4 LPs, box set

Original analog Master tape : YES

Heavy Press : 180g

Record color : black

Speed : 33 RPM

Size : 12'’



Record Press : Optimal Media

Label : Zappa Records

Original Label : Zappa Records

All tracks recorded on March 25, 1988 at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, except track G1, recorded March 23, 1988 at Tonson Center, Towson, Maryland, & track H1, recorded March 16, 1988 at Civic Center, Providence Rhode Island.

Released in June 2021

Tracks :

Side A

  1. We Are Doing Voter Registration Here
  2. The Black Page (New Age Version)
  3. I Ain’t Got No Heart
  4. Love Of My Life

Side B

  1. Inca Roads
  2. Sharleena
  3. Who Needs The Peace Corps?
  4. I Left My Heart In San Francisco (Cory/Cross)

Side C

  1. Dickie’s Such An Asshole
  2. When The Lie’s So Big
  3. Jesus Thinks You’re A Jerk
  4. Sofa #1
  5. One Man, One Vote

Side D

  1. Happy Birthday, Chad!
  2. Packard Goose Pt. I
  3. Royal March From “L’Histoire Du Soldat” (Stravinsky)
  4. Theme From The Bartok Piano Concerto #3 (Bartok)
  5. Packard Goose Pt. II
  6. The Torture Never Stops Pt. I
  7. Theme From “Bonanza” (Evans & Livingston)
  8. Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Side E

  1. The Torture Never Stops Pt. II
  2. City Of Tiny Lites
  3. Pound For A Brown PT. I

Side F

  1. Pound For A Brown PT. II
  2. The Beatles Medley (Lennon/McCartney)
  3. Peaches En Regalia

Side G

  1. Stairway To Heaven (Page/Plant)
  2. I Am The Walrus (Lennon/McCartney)

Side H

  1. Whipping Post (Allman)
  2. Bolero (Ravel)
  3. America The Beautiful (Bates/Ward)


As Travers writes in the liner notes, “Start with the fulcrum of the 1981-1984 touring bands (Robert, Scott & Chad), bring back Ike Willis, add the Synclavier digital workstation, a 5-piece horn section with multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally and you have what FZ famously described as “The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life.” While saying “never heard” might have been a bit of hyperbole, it wasn’t far off as the short-lived band (four months of rehearsal in 1987/1988, followed by a tour from February through June 1988) only played a few dozen shows on the East Coast and Europe before disbanding. Nonetheless, the shows they did play together were electrifying and a masterclass in musicianship.

With Zappa on lead guitar, vocals, and wielding his new obsession the Synclavier, he led the proceedings through a career-spanning set, backed by a stellar cast of veteran band members and newly added members: Mike Keneally (guitar, synth, vocals), Scott Thunes (electric bass, Minimoog), Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, synth, vocals), Chad Wackerman (drums, electronic percussion), Ed Mann (vibes, marimba, electronic percussion), Robert Martin (keyboards, vocals) and the cracking horn section of Walt Fowler (trumpet, flugel horn, synth), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Paul Carman (alto, soprano and baritone sax), Albert Wing (tenor sax) and Kurt McGettrick (baritone and bass sax, contrabass clarinet). The band prepped nearly 100 songs and the sets were wide ranging, spanning tunes from the first Mothers of Invention albums, but with characteristically updated and often times ever-evolving arrangements (“I Ain’t Got No Heart,” “Love Of My Life,” “Who Needs The Peace Corps?”), to new compositions created for the ‘88 tour (“Jesus Thinks You’re A Jerk” and “When The Lie’s So Big”) as well as classical compositions (Bartók, Ravel, Stravinsky) that Zappa liked to play to expose his audiences to music he appreciated. In addition to the inclusion of the 5-piece horn section and it being Keneally’s only tour, the concerts also included extensive use of sampling through the then current machine, the Synclavier, which Zappa took on the road for the first time, as well as percussionists Mann and Wackerman’s use of electronic sounds in their set ups.

Zappa ’88: The Last U.S. Show includes all of this and many more highlights such as fan favorites, “Peaches En Regalia,” “The Black Page” “Inca Roads,” “Sharleena” “Sofa #1” and “Pound For A Brown.” It also includes a horn-laden cover of The Beatles’ “I Am The Walrus,” and the first official release of the highly sought after “The Beatles Medley,” which features the band performing the music of The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood,” “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” with the lyrics completely changed to reflect the then-recent sex scandal of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart. The bawdy lyrics poke fun at the hypocritical minister and was part of Zappa’s agenda to demystify televangelists.

Just how Zappa felt it was important to rail against toxically prude self-appointed culture protectors and whatever hypocrisy or hypocrite rankled him that day, he was also a motivator of positive action, passionate about causes, especially voting rights, making it his mission to get his audiences to register to vote. With a presidential election looming, Zappa offered voter registration on the tour, aided by The League of Women Voters. Fans were encouraged to vote before the show or during a special 20-minute intermission in the middle of the two-hour plus concert, which would start with Zappa triggering the Synclavier to play a piece of music. In Uniondale it was “One Man, One Vote.” Notably, the version here is a different mix than the studio version released on Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention. Zappa 88: The Last U.S. Show kicks off with Zappa extolling the importance of voting and encouraging the unregistered to sign up at the show by registering someone live on stage. It was followed by a representative from Governor Mario Cuomo’s office reading a message congratulating “Mr. Zappa for the important work you are doing encouraging your audiences and others to register and vote.”

“Sadly after the European run was over,” as Travers pens in the liners, “Frank Zappa chose to disband the group and cancel the rest of the tour, reportedly forfeiting $400,000.00 in revenue and depriving additional audiences the opportunity to witness how special this group really was. With all of the time and money spent to prepare and promote the tour, not to mention the potential within the talented band and crew, now in 2021, it’s an even more historic loss considering FZ was to never tour again.”


Discogs : 4.85 / 5  ,  Rate your music : 4.0 / 5

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